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Jan 16, 2002
Just wanted to let you guys know that the Awesome Bulls 3 video is out. It has the footage of my bull from this year on it along with several other big bulls. Yes Moosie I will get you up a freebi here real soon.
WHooooo.. I would have sent the $24.95 for the tape (Or whatever it cost
) I'm looking foward to seeing it. Roumor has it you shot a good average bull in it.... Didn't hold out, BUT I guess We'll forgive ya ;)

ALSO, If you're going to PROMO.. use the right link bro !!!

USE this one ...

Seriously though, you left out a h in "north"
Moosie, thanks for the spelling help. I wasn't really trying to promo, I don't get any cash becuase of it, just wanted to let the board know. I'll get you out a vid here pretty quick......
STAN, I have a buddy bringing over Awsome BULLS I .... When you send me # III I'll see if it compares ;)
Moosie, I have the video sitting right next to me, just have to get my butt down to the post office and get it up to you.............
HOLY CHIT FOR AN ARIZONA sissy, AZ402 sure kept his composure when that bigass bull stepped out. Nice shot! That's the best 10 seconds of footage I've ever seen on a hunting video. A friend brought that tape over and showed it last night to Weekend Warrior and I... We all yelled when that bad boy stepped out into the open.. I'd of pissed down my leg!

AZ402 you the man! On the hoof that elk doesn't look as little as it does in the photographs.
What a monster!!
That video kicks ass! I can't believe you didn't piss down your leg and shoot over its back like I would have. You must be a really bad shot and would have normally missed by 2 yards, but because you were so nervous, you flinched really bad and hit him perfect. That is all I can figure.

I'm going to start building up more points down there.
Why did you name the bull frogger?
Moosie giving spelling advice!!!!! Hahahahahaha, I never thought I would see the day. Good on ya Moose man.
You MT rope smokers should just stick to your crooked horned antelopes.......j/k thanks for the props on the shot, and your right greenhorn he doesn't look as big on the video as he does on the wall.

The shot was 35 yards I had all day to judge the yardage, so I was pretty confident when I let it go. Besides I'm the ice man, although in the past I have missed shot's that Ray and Stevie could have made.

Frogger was nick-named buy my best friend and his dad a few years back, he has a very distinctive bugle.
STAN.. you're on the cover Mr GRUMPY A$$ !! :D.. I'll watch it tonight !! THANX !!!

We got a new Secretary and she didn't know I was Great White hunter.. HAHA.. The other secretary got it back to me about 5 mins ago.. HAHA I'll give a report tomorrow after I watch it.
Uhhhhhhh HUuuuuuuu Uhhhhhhhhh GAWD DAWG !!!

Uhhhhh WELL.... I uhhhhhh HELL, Whats a brother to say... That is by FAR ~~ THE best elk movie I've seen... I don't want to give away the movie... BUt..... WOW !!! :D :D

Stan..... I'm sure I'm not the ZFirst to say this man ... but FUGGIN CONGRATS !!!! Tell your buddy (NAME startswith a "T" I think..I'll watch it again to remember it ;)) Congrats too.. How fetching Lucky can a guy get... WHO many big A$$ bulls can go by a guy......How many....... WELL....


PS, The tape I'm sending you out on Monday.... I'm almost ashamed ;) HAHA !!!! My Armadillo hunt is Nothing in Comparison
Glad you liked it, I'm sure I'll like the armadillo video just fine. All the video's on that series are great.........Later,Stan
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