Big Sky

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Dec 22, 2000
A Warmer Climate
Neomont how did your hunt go? You were right about it being flat near Outlook, but it got downright nasty just a little west of town. I went for waaaaaaaay to long of a walk. I'm still hurting today, but it was worth every step. Man, that's some cool looking country up there.
Big Sky,
I Hunted on Sun., Mon. and Tues. I took a heavy antlered 4x4 Whitetail. Great mass, I like mass. 18 1/2 outside spread. Just a great looking mature whitetail rough scored at about 145 net. No B&C buck but will look great on my office wall. I will get pics up as soon as possible. I took him at 8:30 Monday morning.
My friend from Bozeman took a 4x4, 21 inch wide whitetail at 2:30 Monday afternoon. He took his deer about 200 yards from where I shot mine. I will get pics of him up also.
this was more like Muley hunting as we use spot and stalk hunting techinques.
Also glassed up a huge whitey we could never get to. Tried to get a pic of him through the spotting scope so if that pic turns out I will post also. Later
Congrats. Now you got me all excited. I look forward to seeing the pics. A 140 class 4x4 whitetail is always impressive.
Way to go on your trophy, you going to share a pic or two?