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NEED to see.....


Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
SOME dead animals... post a picture of an BEAR that you've taken in the last "56" years, Doesn't matter if you've posted it before, POST it again !!!!
Did I post these pics from my hunt last month?



I might have, but you asked for pictures.
WOW !!! Ol' MARV coes out of the woodworks posting AWSOME pics in every topic.. KUDOS MAN !!!

BW, YEs I think I seen them but like to see pics over and over !!!! ThANX you guys for keeping me from having to bad of withdrawls
Heehee...I lurk therefore I am!

Actually another disgruntled HAmerica transplant...that site is getting a little too PC for me, plus you guys are a little bit closer to "home" ;)
Nice bears fella's. Maybe I'll get lucky soon and have one to show. I'm still working on it.... :D :D
Elkhunter...yep, plan to hang around a bit if you guys will let real name is Russel E. Taylor.......NOT!

I'll try to add some text here soon- That little brown phase bear was pretty exciting...nothig like hitting a bear in the back of the head with you arrow to really change his attitude haha! But what the Hoyt can start the Super Blackhawk usually can finish :rolleyes:
Elkhunter by the way...was wondering if you get so. of the Bondurant area much? We used to hunt up in the Kilgore Basin but I haven't been back for years- heard that are was hit pretty good by fire awhile back??
Any comments would be appreciated!
Ya know in all the years I've been hunting (27+/-) I've seen a lot of bears go up trees, or in trees. This was the first one I ever saw come down and as a former lineman myself...................... H-O-L-L-Y S-H-I-T are they fast!!!! My first arrow kinda found where he WAS, my second where he IS, and two shots later from my .44 ended the mess.

Gained a new respect for those critters that day...and he was a little bear!

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Russel Taylor (LOL) I mean MarvB, I never get down that way. Don't mean that I wouldn't though. It was hit with fire and if you would like I can stop by F&G and the FS to get specifics for you. If you are up this way again let me know. I like thate little story on the little beare also.
Here's a bear that was killed by a buddy of mine while we were hunting in Manitoba last year. He killed it the first night of the hunt. It's basically a fantasy come true, perfect blonde. The skull measured 20 5/16" if I remember right.

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These next 3 are mine and just for you Moosie.
1995 Bear Sask.

2001 Bear Alaska

2000 Bear Sask.

There Moosie, now are you doing a little better?

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