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Jul 7, 2001
I am hoping someone can recommend a good arrow rest. I have used various flipper rests or the years, but was curious what advantages there are with other types. I don't want to throw down a C-note, but am skeptical of those less expensive ones. Any advise would be appreciated.
MtMiller, are shooting fingers?
Steve uses a flipper type rest and he's a finger shooter.
I shoot with a relise and so I use a different type of rest.
Im guessing you shoot fingers? Let me know and I can tell you what has worked for us.
Between Steve ,myself,our son & daughter-in-law we have been through a few of them.
I picked up a Tiger Tuff rest about two years ago, I think it was about $50. I love it. It's not fancy, but a very tough and durable shoot through rest. If you use fingers though I'd stick witht he flipper.
I have always used a tab, but when I got my last bow arrows were flying all over the place. Since then, I have shot with a release and it straightened out my arrows. From the sounds of it I should not be shooting a release with a flipper?
It can be done, but the shoot through rests are better for release shooters...I think so anyway. The Quiktune rests by New Archery Products are nice and are very easy to tune. What kind of bow are you shooting??
mtmiller, like 1-pointer i also shoot a tiger tuff and like it very much! he advised checking into the new archery products "quick tune" my buddy shoots one and loves it! its advantage is that the return spring is covered keeping it from being exposed to sticks leaves etc....... good luck!
DKO- Do you put anything on the prongs of your rest to quiet the arrow sliding on arrow noise?? I tried shrink tubing but that wears out too fast, now I use Dr. Scholl's moleskin!!! Whisper quiet and has lasted for a long time with only one application. Just wondering.

MTMiller- Nice bow, I was just curious. Some of us have to dream of new bows. The one I am shooting hasn't been made for awhile...Martin Cougar Speedflite. While in AZ hunting and doing alot of walking I was wishing for an Aluminum riser...Magnesium gets a little heavy after awhile. :D

I was looking at some of the tiger-tuff's. There are several models, do you have a preference? I also have heard about the Muzzy Zero Effect. There seems to be many good comments about it, but from the photos it looks a little cumbersome (not to mention a video is available to mount the rest SCARY). Not sure if it would be a good rest for field situations (I am pretty rough on equipment). I would appreciate any pertinent suggestions.
I'll get my bow out and give you the exact model of the rest, but I do know that it was the cheapest Tiger Tuff that the shop had in stock. The Muzzy Zero Effect looks cool and I don't think that it would be any different than any other rest except that it takes longer to set up. From an accuracy stand point I don't think it can be beat, as soon as the arrow moves foward it loses contact with the rest. This should eliminate all clearance problems. I don't think it would have any problem withstanding abuse, Muzzy has always put out HIGH quality products. If money is not an issue I would suggest the Muzzy. However, some people don't like alot of moving parts, that's your call. I would make sure that the place where you get the rest knows how to set them up. It can be done by you, but if they know how let them do it. Just my thoughts.
I have the NAP Quicktune on my Alpine bow. To cover the launchers I use tephlon covers. Quite and super durable. Thousands of shots without changing them. You can rotate them and gain a bunch of life out of them. I'm trying to remember who makes them. I just pick them up at the local shop. I've only bought two sets in the two years I've used them.
Hey Mtmiller:
I have a Golden Key Platnum Premere on my 3-D bow that cost nearly $100. When I went to set it up one of the lock screw holes was drilled oversize and didn't have any threads. This for a fairly expensive rest. I also have a PSE TM Hunter shoot through rest on my hunting bow . It is a well made rest. One rest that really impressed me though was the Tiger Tuff. As 1_pointer said they are rugged and not all that expensive.

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