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My plane leaves in 9 hours


New member
Dec 23, 2000
I just hope the dang thing can land in Denver, DS says they got a boat load O snow.

Hey Rick, if ya leave before I get back, good luck, shoot a big one with that front stuffer, and bring us a report on how the load worked ( penatration, expansion ect..)

Talk to yall in ten days or so.
Anaconda, hope the two of you have a great time and score on some dandy animals. Hope to see some nice pics and good stories when you get back
.......we'll be happy with just filling a couple of tags and staying alive......hadn't stopped snowing for 3 days now and no end in sight.....not sure we can even get over Loveland Pass.....and if we do...not sure we can stop the rig going down the other side.....

...lot's of variables...the only thing we know for sure is we are gonna have a helluva good time. Not everyday you get to hunt a snowstorm in Co...may just shake things up enough to actually kill something ;)

See you guys in about 10 or so...... :cool:
Good luck you guys. My truck leaves in about 19 hours. I'll be about 20 miles due north of you. Chase 'em my way if you can!

Hey Oak, if things are too ugly on the south side, we might just find ourselves up there with you ! It's a small state, right ?

DS, if I look a bit tipsy when you meet me, it's cause I might have to get drunk just to sleep tonight !