My little bull


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Dec 20, 2000
Jackson, Wyoming
Well it was a great season but also a very hard season for hunting. The weather was depits. If it wasn't 75 degrees and hot it was windy as all get out. I saw many elk this year. I was going after a decent bull and none of the ones I saw offered me a shot. This was the first elk I saw since Tuesday morning and only had two days left to fill my tag. The weather forecast was for more heat to come in and to be back into the 70s again. Well I though long and hard about it and when I weighed the options of time, the weather forecast and what I have been seeing the past few days I decided to take it. Plus the fact that it was right near the trail with a shot offerede at roughly 75 feet.


Well Elkie.....

You got meat for the freezer. Remember those antlers don't cook up very well. We'll be up in your country in a little over a week....
Fine job Bill...He should be some fine eating..Now if Quick Draw and I can get a couple of cows that age

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> Remember those antlers don't cook up very well. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>



Kudos again man. I almost got through on he phone the 2nd time but funny when you're way back in like you were the Reception seems to be fuzzy

I heard "Moos......??? ???? a ...... ??? >>>>> 4 days of ... ????? seeing ...... shot a spike becasue ????... ..... not good reception .......... ?~?~ so excited I'm spanking my Mon...??!?!

And that was about it
Congratulations. I'm glad you wiped the milk off of its lips for the photo.
Just kidding, that's what everyone always says about my kills.
Those pictures sure don't do justice to the terrain there. It almost makes the ground look flat where you were.
I am sure it is just an optical illusion..

Congrats on whackin' one down. And if you want to send your horse this direction, I'll go ahead and get him in "Mountain shape"....

Kudos again...
An elk is an Elk is an Elk.
It does not matter on the size. its the adventure and the way it tastes when everyone else has been blanked.

Thanks for the pictures and the story.
what firearm is that? 300? 7mm? 30-06?
Congrats to ya Bill. Wish I had of still be there to help ya out with him.

Yes there's some flat land there but mostly not.
Martin, this was at the top of the first ridge we come to, just past where the Indiana boys were camped. I went to the ridge to see what the wind was like. If it was strong wind I was going to go back down to the meadow that the Vegas boys were in and watch the galded side again. If the wind was not bad I was going to go up and tie Classy where you saw the deer and head over to sit on my little hillside again. But when I hit the ridge, there was an elk just below me so I found a tree to throw the lead rope around real quick and get my rifle out and walk back to the ridge. When I saw it this time, it was a spike about 75 feet away. Next thing I remember is I was talking to you on the phone.

Mntman, the rifle of choice that day was my Model 70 in 375 H&H.

You are too funny Moosie. If you had called me back about 5 minutes earlier, I would have still been on the ridge. Even though I was not able to get me in the picture, I did have my Hunt Talk hat on.

Notice in the first picture that the exit holes are rather small. I think that a 300 grn TBBC from the 375 H&H did not have time to expand at 75 feet.
Good job! damn weather can ruin a hunt fast.
I was out bow deer hunting today and it was 70 out. SUCKS
Way to go on the bull. Nice to have it right on the trail. Also, way to hold out and maximize your time in the field.

What is next on the list? See any good deer while you were chasing elk?
mtmiller, the only deer I saw this year were all flat tops. Last year there were 7 nice bucks up there and I know that only 3 were taken and this year never saw them. Talking to some Utah boys yesterday morning, they saw 4 big bucks in the gladed meadow the day before. Well I guess they are still in the area then.
Now you tell us that Michelle. Where was all this good info in time for a dinner invite?? Huh?? You're just teasing us..

By the way, How's Lady Jane doing with her recovery? Give her our best wishes...

Elkhunter, do you bebone the elk or throw the 1/4's on the Horse ? can 1 horse pack out a spike elk ?

I need you closer here !!! We came across a few elk that we wouldn't of wanted to pack on our backs !!
Way to go Elkhunter, definitely got some good eating ahead of you and alot bigger elk then many will end up with.