My Kaibab hunt,(just a teaser)


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Nov 28, 2001
somewhere other than AZ :(
Well folks,
the hunt was great and lasted only 3 days thanks to Danr55 and Glen.
Their camp was incredible. Canvas walled tent with stove and all the other things one could hope for.
The new truck ran great and the weather was cold and snowy.
Got my 3x4, 16" (interior spread) on friday night 4:10 pm, with a 100 yard heart shot.
More details later and pictures when Dan and Glen get back. He has the details and photos on his digital and is still up there chasing the big ones. Saw lots of elk sign where they thrashed the cedars and quakers with their antlers.
I had to get back to work since I have not earned any vacation days and still need to pay for my upcoming bull hunt in Nov.
More info later I promise ;)
Congrats on the 3x4 Mntman.
Will look forward to the full story and the pictures
treat those men great while they are up there for their elk hunt.
Keep the dried trail mix away from Dan though or you'll be out before you know it.
They were a blast to hunt with and hope to do it again some time in the near future.
Wear ear plugs, for Dan snores big time :eek:
That's great you got one.
It make's it hard when you are limited on time.
You did good anyway.
Can't want to see the picture's.

:cool: :cool:
Glad you had fun Mtman.....and hopefully Dan will bering home some more kill shots to posts as well....
WTG, Mtnman! Sounds like you had a good time. Looking forward to the pictures and story.

Way to go Mtman....When I'm down south a little to hunt with them to, if Dan snores, well just have to put a dirty sock in it....LOL... :D :D :D
Well, we're back and it's a real bad year for the Kaibab and big deer. We saw lots of smaller deer, but only one in the trophy catagory. Unfortunately, he was smarter than we were.

Saw him once at about 60 yards looking thru the Aspen and Oak Brush. Tried to put a sneak on him and that lasted about 12 seconds. Then saw him again across a canyon head north.. I got to see the south end of course.... He did stop long enough to flip me off and blow a kiss. Thoughtful of him I thought.

All in all it was a pretty good hunt. Lots of stories and some great pictures of the Grand Canyon. I'll post some after I have a change to clean them up.

I just emailed Mtnman his pictures so he should be posting them anytime...
Sounds like a great time Dan...And Bill, that sounds great...Hope we all have a blast, it is only 20 or so day's away...Can't hardly wait.. :D :D :D