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my first antalope


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Mar 24, 2002
after 9 yrs of applying i got a tag

an my first antalope it was a great hunt
started friday morning went to my unit got there before daylight we set up a little ways from a water hole 3 hrs later nothing had come in sight went to the top of the hillan glass the area seen some about 2 miles away so away we went we walk a wash tell we where a half a mile from them we spoted a big buck an a small one with this heard we started are stock on them i seem like the big buck new we where there because the closer we got the farther he went so we quit went back to the hill started glassing the area spoted another heard so off we went we got to about 500 yrds from them an no place to hind we ound a smaller buck with them so i set up to make a shot my shot was to low an off they went so back to camp we went a few hours later we where on the hill again seen another heard we spoted two big bucks so off we went we got to with in a 1/4 mile from them so we wated an watch them about 5:00 they started for the water hole they went by us about 300 yrds away i set up an waighted about 10 min later the the buck stoped i shot he drop

i hope i get to do it next year

Congratulations on your first goat, AZ! Those things sure are fun to hunt!

WTG on your first goat AZ.. I have the pic and will resie it and put it on here if you want....
Congrats!!! For some reason, I'm totally intrigued by the pronghorn. I don't know if its the fact that it is the only large mammal to evolve here and stay here or the fact that it seems to live in many places other wild ungulates don't. However they are a cool animal. Again congrats on a successful hunt.
I posted the pic in your first post AZ... Thank elkhunter for resizing it ...

Thanks elky

Way to go AZ!

..I hope Shitka doesn't see it, I'm not sure the left horn is quite full curl! :eek: ..a trophy none the less!
congrats AZ!...nice goat.
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