My Elk Hunt


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Mar 25, 2001
Northwestern PA
I got my elk tag and some sort of stupid certificate from CO the other day. Do all western states have such F***** up licensing?

In any case I found that the area we are supposed to hunt is on fire :(
The person Jim (VPD10) and I were supposed to hunt with had to leave his house because the fire was getting so close.

Looks like my first elk hunt ever STILL isn't going to happen.

The up side is that the elk would aready be cooked

You might get lucky. There is surely some areas in the unit that did't get burned and the elk might be concentrated in these. Just a thought.
Shaky, Don't panic yet! This might work to your advantage, depending on where the fires burned. The elk probably won't leave the area, just concentrate where the best cover and food is.

Hunting after a fire can be good. The only problem is that if you're in the burned area it gets kinda sooty. Everytime you brush against a branch the soot rubs off on ya, like charcoal.

Fires usually burn in mosaic patterns, but I don't know about the one in your area.
Shaky, dont give up. Like the others have said the elk may concentrate a little more than usual which might be good. Also if your going with someone who lives in the area he'll know where the elk are. Don't give up stay in shape and go get em. Elk love burned areas because of all the green grass and new tree growth. Don't worry you'll be fine. By the way what unit are you going to be hunting? Good Luck. will find that every state has weird licensing deals....Keep that certificate, you will use it everytime you goto colo, and that is what you put your hunt stamp on.and paperclip the carcass tag to it so you wont lose it either.
What they have told you about the burn areas is correct. It is amazing at how fast the new growth will come up and they love it. Roughly 2 weeks after a fire here, new growth was coming up and deer & elk were found in the burn area. The fire was in August and elk opened in September.
Shaky, It sounds like the recommendation might be where black camo, like a burnt tree, and smoke a cigarette, so you're smoking. Stand in a grassy area, then wait.
I remember seeing the elk in Yellowstone after the fire there eating away at the grass. They stand out, with the trees branches burnt up. I hope its not too bad.