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Muzzeloader Moisture Protection?


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Sep 20, 2004
Last night I got into some rain while out walking through the trees. For the opening of the Utah Muzz deer hunt. I have been putting a peice of Ceran wrap on the end of the barrel held on by a rubber band but. I was wondering what you guys do, and does doing somthing like this effect the accuracy at all if I was to shoot with it on?
Nope...and supposedly neither does a balloon.
Both (have seen in super slo-mo) are pushed off/ruptured by the forward gasses before the ball/bullet clears the barrel. :cool:
good to here, that is the last thing I want, have a buck in the sights and then miss because of a balloon or baggy.
I have also heard of people using ordinary scotch tape to cover the barrel. Probably just as effective as the other suggestions.
I have used electrical tape for years. Qicker to put on than the other two methods. No change in point of impact, keeps water & debris out. Carry a roll in your pocket to replace after the shot (If it is a miss LOL)
I've used balloons, condoms and finger kots to cover barrels and keep water/snow/dirt/etc out. All worked well without hindering the performance of the rifle.

On a somewhat related topic, do you experienced muzzleloaders leave your loaded (but not primed) MLs out in the truck overnight or bring them into the heated room or camper? Does the more sudden temperature change have any effect on condensation in the barrel, or is it nothing to be concerned about?

We will be staying in a cheap motel - outside, the nightly lows will be in the low 30s while the daytime highs will be in the mid-60s.
Finget cots (little condoms) work best. they are just the right size for the barrel,, And moosies little weinie

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