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Dec 10, 2002
Chugiak, AK
I got this antelope last Nov. in SW MT. I'm glad we didn't have to hunt to far from the truck cause my battery opperated socks weren't working and it was about -5 with a 20mph north wind. We spotted a band of about 75-80 with about 15-20 bucks in the group after about 15 min of driving around. It took a few min to figure out which one to shoot... I hate that
Anyway most of them were dinged up pretty bad from fighting and this one was the biggest in the best shape. So I plugged him with my 7mag. This is the first lope that I have shot with that gun and I'll tell you it was a little OVER KILL... 100 yards and a 160 grains of love were to much for this guy to handle. A 243 is about perfect IMO But dead is dead none the less. So for the long walk/drag back to the truck... 150 yards and off we went. It took all of about half an hour and the hunt was over. I've been on shorter ones though.
Little over 14" on the unbroken side and the broken side is about 12"


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