MS Youth Squirrel - Kids and Weak Stomachs


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Oct 3, 2017
My sister and her family moved to south Mississippi this summer so I went there this past weekend to bring her oldest son Micah (9) squirrel hunting for the youth season. They are surrounded by national forest and a very popular creek that people like to float. I hope eventually her and my brother in law see how easy it is to take advantage of the nearby outdoor opportunities and will take the kids outside as well.

It's a lot of public land which is great, but between the habitat and how they manage the timber it's not good for squirrel hunting. After a day of scouting we went in blind Saturday morning hoping it might be a little better than other areas I had seen. He also had a soccer game that morning so time was limiting. The second drain we hit had two squirrels, but he wasn't able to get a shot at either. So we continued to walk that drain to the main creek. While walking he grabbed a thick stem briar and the tip broke off in his finger. It was a good size splinter and it hurt him, but it looked so easy to get out. I took out my knife and started to mess with it. A little later he says, "I feel dizzy."
I look up and his head is rolling in a circle. Put my arm around him to steady him and his knees give out. So now I'm bear hugging him while holding his head as I lay him to the ground. At this time he is pass out completely. Probably 10 seconds go by and he opens his eyes slowly at first then frantically and asks what happened. He sat up and wasn't crying but doing this repetitive soft high pitch wine. It's was not a time to tell him to suck it up. He was scared. So I sat that holding him trying to comfort him until he decided to get up. We went back to the truck after that.
My sister made two attempts to get it out before his game which only resulted in crying and unnecessary whining. But wouldn't you know after his game he pulled it out himself.

That evening I took Wyatt (7) to go "scout for ducks". Partly was true, but I wanted to get him outside and give him a chance to do something different. We put my pirogue in a beaver pond off the road. Surprisingly there was more wood ducks there than I expected. We paddle around and I pointed out different things to him like the cut trees, the dam, unique plants, etc. With 30 minutes of light left I paddled us into some button woods and planned to see if any would come back to roost. While sitting there he asked where shore was so I pointed it out. Then asks where the truck was so I explained it. I was reluctant to ask, but I asked if he was ready to go back to the truck and all he did was shake his head yes. I started paddling out and a group of 6 come in and land. I asked again if he wanted to go back to the truck and he shook his head yes so we did.
We got back to the house and my sister suspected he was sea sick, and asked him a few questions about it but he denied anything was wrong. My sister and bro in law have a strict no hunting policy on Sundays, but I did get them to agree to let me take them hiking after church. While on the trail Wyatt is talking out loud trying to brag about our trip. "I like piroguing it's fun. And it makes you feel dizzy I like feeling dizzy"

I enjoyed my time with them, but I hope for their sake our next outdoor adventure is a little easier on their stomachs



Mar 4, 2016
Bad day of hunting is always better than any day staying home playing "fortnite". Getem' out as much as you can! Good luck on your next trip! Geaux Tigers!


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Oct 1, 2018
Hattiesburg, MS
Black Creek Wilderness? Dangit, you found one of my spots! Seriously though, good for you taking them out. And yes, they plant more pines than anything around here, so you gotta stick to the creeks to find much hardwood.