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MT Rookie aka OR Chris

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Jun 27, 2016
ORYGUN Coast Range
I was shed hunting one spring day, with my GSP Buck. I stopped back at the truck for lunch, then I was going back out in the afternoon to check out another spot. It was getting hot, so I wanted to lighten my load. I decided to leave my camera in the truck since there probably wouldn’t be any animals or anything to take pictures of in the heat of the day anyway. I was walking through a large marshy meadow that was covered with brightly colored purple and yellow flowers. All of a sudden, a big tom cougar appeared, tip towing across the meadow, trying desperately to keep his feet dry. He was so intent on not stepping in the water that he didn’t see me standing there in the open. I had Buck train to heal when I gave him a particular soft whistle, so I was able to keep him under control while we stalked closer and closer to the cat. I was kicking myself at that point, for leaving the camera in the truck. The cat was so amazingly beautiful walking through that flowery meadow. I got to within about 40 ft. or so of the cougar, when I stepped in a muddy spot which caused my foot to make that awful sucking sound as I took another step. That got his attention. He turned his head and just stared at me for a moment then took off running with Buck right on his tail. He got to the edge of the meadow, stopped and turned back ready for a fight. Buck was no dummy, he turned tail sped back to me as fast as he could. I still can’t believe I left my camera in the truck.

Isn’t that how it always works , When you have all your stuff, nothing happens most often