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More Moose down


New member
Dec 11, 2000
Steve and Bill both shot a moose.
What a BIG animal!!!!!!!!
Steve dropped his with one arrow at 50 yard's .
They were back in camp by 10:30.
It died close to a road so the pack wasn't bad.

Our son Bill saw his bull in a patch of aspen & brush feeding with a cow & calf.
He did a great stalk on them ,when he hit his bull it ran up over the top onto a flat sage covered area where it died.
Our grandson Cody was with us on this hunt and he was able to hike up to his dads moose and watch the whole process.
I took Cody and the pack frame's up while they were taking pictures.

Steve took the first hind quarter down to
find the truck and park it in a closer spot.
Cody and I stayed there to help Bill with the rest of it.
It took 7 pack's in all to get it out.

We saw some nice big bulls while we were there and the guy's got to do quite a few stalk's ,(bill stalk up to 25yards on one and 30 yards on another BIG bull)but never had a good archery shot LOL

What a rush.
The whole hunt was great and being there with both our son and 4 year old grandson made it better.
One day Cody and I were glassing for moose and he told me "Now I'm a real hunting man" because I got to go moose hunting with my dad.
It all worked out so great ,Cody was able to hike and see so much about hunting this time , all of us involved him in as much as we could from packing for a hunt ,to setting up camp,notching a tag ,cleaning and packing out the animal going to a meat locker to hang it and now the butchering and wrapping.


Dec 23, 2000
Congratulations on the archery moose. Sounds like you had a very enjoyable hunt. Pictures?