Give me a Few Mins.. lemme see if I have a Video
If it's Bigger then mine
Although I know that everything you guys get have the Oregon Exageration to it :D :D

I don't think I have and "NEW" pictures. I do have a Cool Vid from a Bear I took that I've never posted. I'll take time Tonight to pull it and post it..... Get a Real computer and Ditch the mac
If? If? what do you mean by "IF" of course it going to be bigger than yours. The macs not mine, I'm at school. My home computer is a real one.
Game on then
And what are you doing surfing my site at school. You know you need to studdy to get more Smarter

Hey, Do ou have a PS2 ?

(New Vid on the way
Damn, Moosie, you're crazy :eek: !!!! That thing could of killed you. Next thing we know, you'll be wrestling gerbils.
(okay I admit it. I've just been looking for a reason to use the humping graemlin)
That's hilarious. I saw it on MM a while back, and saw how bent out of shape those guys got over. But seriously, that was pretty darn irresponsible.
Somebody could have gotten hurt. ;)
you an X-boxer O.O. ?

D.Sims....... I could be brought up on Charge for unlawfull of puching over a Tree but My buddy had a Wood permit so He tagged the Tree legally ;)