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Moosie Style?


Dec 23, 2000
Well, I'm heading out Thursday to chase the elusive mule deer. I've decided to pack in to a relatively inaccessable area in hopes of getting away from the crowd. Maybe I was inspired by the Pan Man. Anyway, the plan is to hike in Friday morning and spend the afternoon glassing the area. Camp is going to be minimalist at best, but hey, it's only 2-3 nights. How bad can it be? :D Hunting will start Saturday morning, and continue until the tag is filled, or Monday morning. Time is short, but ya gotta have faith! ;)

After giving it some serious thought, I've decided to pack in more water than Moosie, especially since there is NO running water in the area (although that "beaver fever" you guys talked about sounds interesting). Also, unlike the moose-man, I have a plan on how to remove the unlucky critter from the wilds.

I'm not going to post my list of gear. You guys would think of something I'm forgetting, and that would take away the fun of figuring out how to get by without that "do-hickey". ;)

I'm quite possibly as excited as I've ever been about the upcoming hunting season (but I say that every year). I'm packing a camera, and will try to take some pictures of the hunt. Only three more days! Woohoo!