Moosie Alaska Update Part II

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Oct 29, 2001
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Well I just heard from Oscar and he wanted me to let you know how he's doing.

He said they are seeing and hearing Moose, but now it is a matter of getting them. He said the ones they saw on their way in weren't in the same place the next morning.

He also said that it's hard to spot them because the trees are just thick!! You have to hear them to find them. They saw a moose up on a hill which was about a two hour hike, and on the way they spooked another one, but couldn't see it because it was soo thick. But by the time they got to the hill, of course the moose wasn't there. Then this morning they were watching a grizzle up on that same hill they were at yesterday. He said he had a chance at a moose this morning but didn't get it, so he sounded really bummed! Definetly not as excited as he was the first time I heard from him.

They haven't had any rain and are still crossing their fingers they won't and that the weather gets a little cooler. But the bugs are AWFUL he says, fortunatley he brought the bug spray which seems to be working.

He says the outfitter is going to come back and get them on the 16th so they have a week to get two Moose. He said they are only going to be hunting in the mornings and the evenings though, he thought it was pointless pushing brush all day. And he has only heard the moose in the mornings and not in the evenings yet. But he is still in good spirts!!

So that's about all I know for now. He won't be calling for a few days or so, or when they get one. But I'll let you know when he calls.

So until next time.

-Mrs. Moosie
Thanks for the update. Where we were looking for bear it it was extremely thick also and he was hoping they wouldnt get dropped off in the same kind of area. Bummer but atleast he knows there are bulls in there. I have confidence that they will drop atleast 1 bull.
I just watched the news and it looks like they are gonna start getting some rain. Theres a low pressure moving up the penninsula. Not much is expected and on the bright side atleast there arent near fairbanks, they are "supposed" to get snow on friday.
I know Oscar is not too pleased that the trees are so thick. But I think he just needs to relax and everything will be fine.

So where abouts are they? I'll let him know about the weather if he calls in again. I wasn't sure where they were so I couldn't tell him if it was gonna rain or not. SNOW good grief is it that time of year already? I'm glad they're not in that area either.

JB so far so good, but it is slowly starting to get tiring. Thank goodness my mother is coming up this weekend to rescue me, and then my sister the following week. I just have to make it these next couple of days.
Honestly I dont know where they dropped him off. I know the region.

Just keep an eye east of dillingham (east is to the right) north of King salmon. He should be somewhere in there.

As for snow, Denali got 4" in July. It can snow anytime up here

They will be fine. I dont think Oscar is used to it being so thick. He'll adapt I know he will.

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Mrs Moosie you hang in there you'll make it. Moosie jr. & sr. will just have to plug a littler harder but they will make it to.
Mrs M,

Let the parents and Sister take the load off of you for a few days!
I'm sure he looks foreward to buring up sat phone minutes talking to ya!

I'm headed out tomorrow for 12 and Karen has all kinds of family lined up to hang out with here

Can you imagine if he was in the military and heading off for 6 months

So anyway, hang in there!

Be sure and sneak off for some quiet time when the re-enforcements arrive
Thanks for the link. I'm sure it will come in handy. I'm glad we haven't gotten snow yet, its way to early!!
It sounds like they got rained on today though.

JB I'm sure glad he isn't in the military I would simply go insane. I can't wait until my mom arrives on Friday! I need some rest.

-Mrs. Moosie
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