Caribou Gear Tarp

I wanna know how you found this site without already being on that site. Usually Moosie gets all his new recriuts from there. I was on there one day and here comes moosie spoutin off talking crap so I decided to come here and terrorize this place for a while, have'nt really gone back since! :D
tnctcb...LMAO!!!! yeah thats why they want to sue him, I think he got banned from there!!...LOL
You guys make it seem like I recruite people... I jsut post at sites and People realise that I'm cooler then everyone else ;) thats not Recruiting.. It's jsut the way it is :rolleyes:

Big Lar, Welcome to the Best site on the net
Hey Moosie! Where did the recruitment actually begin? I know I came over after the great Banning Era of HuntInfo. Ahhhh, those were the days. I'm banned. I am back on. Wait, I am banned again. :D
browtine since your from Utah you would be practically family over there. It bascically is where everybody from Utah bitches about Utah! :eek: :D :D
Oscar, Are you being BAD again??

No dancing lessons on line.. remember that!

Anyone ever see what Mooseman does with a very small pan in a cool mountain stream??

I had to laugh the first time I came on here and saw the "For the SERIOUS deer hunter", quote!

This site has proven to have it's perks though!