Missing Elkhunter Found Alive.........



Rescue workers found a missing elk hunter alive last Sunday after she went a week with little food, water or warm clothing in Oregon’s Wallowa Mountains.

Mischelle Hileman, 39, was found about 9 miles northeast of Wallowa after being missing since October 27, said Matthew Marmor, Wallowa County’s emergency services coordinator.

A BlackHawk helicopter from the 1042nd Medical Company, the Oregon Army National Guard unit stationed in Salem, flew her to St. Alphonsus Medical Center in Boise, Idaho, where she remained in critical condition. A hospital spokeswoman says Hileman suffered from exposure and frostbite.

Hileman was wearing only a red fleece sweatshirt, pants, hiking boots and a baseball cap, but no coat. She had no way to make a fire during her long ordeal.

Marmor says one of the rescue workers, Bill Lehr, of Wallowa, was walking near the spot where Hileman was lying in a stand of old-growth timber, and called her name.

“She said, ‘Yeah,’” Marmor said. “She was conscious, in good spirits and good humor.”

Lehr says Hileman had slipped and fallen the day she was reported missing and was unable to get out of a canyon.

She was about 1 mile from where she’d planned to meet her father, Benny Hileman of Wallowa. She used all the ammunition in her hunting rifle trying to signal rescuers.

Lehr says when he found Hileman, she was breaking ice in a stream to get water.

Hileman told Lehr she survived by eating berries and moss, and had covered herself with fir and pine boughs to keep warm.
Tom.......we'll have to check with Russ and see if moss is on the "emergency diet" ;)
See DS, thats why I carry all that crap in my fanny pack. I'll never get lost, cause I'm too prepared.
Indy,they called off the search for that lost Idhao hunter.
His friends & family were still up there looking.
This guy took off with no food or water,wearing a sweatshirt with a light weight camo jacket,and I think they said levi's of something like that.
He was last seen looking cold and tired,but still heading up into a snow storm looking for elk .
It wasnt looking real good for him.
Just the type of cloths he had on sounded pretty bad in that type of weather.
It's just not that hard to keep a pack (even a small one)with a few extra things tossed in that could make a BIG difference if something happen's.
I really hope they find this guy alive ,it got cold in the valley last night :( :( I wouldnt want to be up where he is with no fire & warm cloths.
I was suprized when they found that lady alive,lets hope this guy is as lucky.
There are some mosses that one can eat along with most lichens..But some of the mosses can really cause a lot of problems..I really don't know which ones are good and bad, sounds like this lucky lady lucked out all the way around...Spagnum moss is one that can cause problems I know of, but deer moss and some of the mosses that hang from the trees in dryer climes are supposed to be O.K. None of the edible plant books I have go into any thing much on mosses..
Good story, good ending.....
Hope that guy that you mentioned has good luck...
What a moron! She fired all of her ammo to try to signal someone for help. I'm not surpized at all that it was a "she" that did that. For Christ sake I'd have to kill myself if I did that and then saw a 400Inch bull. I don't care how lost I am. I'll always have one in the chamber for a big elk. How hard is it to carry a lighter too? If I ever get lost I'll be rescued by about a 10,000 firemen because I'll start the largest forest fired you've ever seen!
Good one Yetti,

that's what i always say! start a damn forrest fire and they'll find you alright!
The only thing you need to have in case you get lost is a deck of cards. Sit down a deal a hand of soletaire and someone is going to come by and tell you how to play.
Lady obviously never reads this forum...or else she would have seen Elkchasr's thread on making rock tools and building a hut to live in.....she coulda had a nice little pad built up in the amount of time she was out there :rolleyes:
one little bit of info missing was this lady is 6'2" and 260lbs. and temps were -8 at night.definately wouldnt want to meet this lady in a dark alley.i'm with yetti burn the woods down send me a bill.
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