MIddle Fork A or B


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Jan 5, 2001
Omaha, NE usa
Ok you Idahoian hunters would you do Middle Fork A season or B season and when--we have A tags now, but can get the B tags(just got called by the IFG as I was on the waiting list)--we were planning on the first week of the A season, but with the possibility of the B tag any info would be nice if you guys want to part with it--there's 5 of us packing in--

yes I've been absent--not much to post about as my hunting has been just a deer hunt in CA last year, but I've been cruising thru reading once in awhile---chris
NO MT hunt this year either Chris?

I think it sorta depends on where you are going in there. I have a hard on to hit some of that during the rut (after hearing Tbone talk about the elk while sheep hunting last year) but there are several areas in there that only get good after the weather hits.

Where you guys packing in to??

Good Luck,

looks like I'm out for the early season-work has me bogged down--I was hoping I could somehow sneak it in--my buds are still going early, so it looks like I'll be solo in Oct.---I'm bummed a little, but oh well what the 'ell, I'll have fun by myself is the plan for now--chris
solo by myself unless someone wants to hook up--

Chicken Peak is North of Big Creek I think--my map is upstairs--chris
just perused the topo map and outlined 27--this is closer vs 20A--I'll have info on 20A once the lads get back--but 27 may win out for me-- I will leave anywhere from the end of Sept to middle of Oct--probably hunt at least 7-9 days---any info I'll take--good or bad--is it smart to get a bar and kitty tag???...chris

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