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Met with Fish and Game


Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
Met with Brad Compton yesterday. He is a Good guy lemme tell yah

Anyways, he's the Big Wig running the Idaho Deer Management program.

Looks like "WE'LL" have a Big hand in it. Someone is going to sit in on the Pannel.
It's good to see that sportsman and other proactive groups will have a say or big part of what goes on with F&G operations. Keep us updated Moosie on the happenings inside Idaho Fish & Game.
I conned Wylee to be on the Board of Directors of D.H.I. (Which the Newsletter jsut went out BTW and you should be getting a Copy soon. Lemme know when ya do). but we created a Fish and Game Coordinator positiong and Threw Wylee in there
I think He'll be the right man to do so...

One by One I'll have another Fish/Game contact person. Takes time to meet every body but by Years end We'll have done well I think !!!

Anyways, Brad is putting the Der Management program together to Dictate the Habitat, Seasons, and Polls to get this done. Wylle and me will be involved in the Poll setting proccess (I say WILL but we haven't got it official yet, jsut for a FYI).

As things come in,. We'll let ya know for sure. You should go to the F&G new website and Put Brads name in the Search engine. You'll get some Good stuff....
I got my copy of the DHI news letter, keep on those game cops moosie. And Oh please dont let me see you wearing a black cow boy hat in the next news letter or at any meetings. The sage country camo caps are more appropriate.

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