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Dec 19, 2000
It doesn’t seem that long ago that Steve Rinella was leading Rogan around the breaks like a helpless child, which is essentially what he was. I’m pretty sure if you gave Joe a Montana, Wyoming or Idaho general elk tag on public land he’d still look just as helpless, even with that Vietnam tiger stripe camo and 110 pound Hoyt.
I liked this one as well
Think'n mans hunting dog right there
I like Joe. I like MOST of his content on the podcast. He brings in good guests and has interesting conversations most of the time. I will continue to listen to his podcast. That being said, outside of a few of his first hunting trips with Rinella and maybe a few I don't know about, I doubt Joe has the slightest idea of what a NF trailhead really looks like during elk season. His idea of a trailhead is where he parks to walk his dog or where the concrete pad around the lodge starts into a two track for the UTV. Don't get me wrong, if I had the money, I would pay for those types of experiences too. But I damn sure would keep my opinions on public land hunting to myself after that.
Anyone ever try to count how many animals Randy Newberg kills in a year?

I doubt he is much different than Cam Hanes
You're not wrong to that point. But in my opinion, his method, message, advocacy, personality, and an actual realistic perspective on western public land hunting puts Randy in another tier over the typical hunting "influencer." Cam cut his teeth on the real deal. But to pretend either of those two still does and understands the current challenges is a joke. Randy still gets it, even if he kills more than he can eat and gets paid for the content. I don't create content and still continue hunting after my freezer is full because I enjoy it. I love giving away breakfast sausage, summer sausage, burger, jerky, steaks from game animals I've killed and won't get through in a single year. Most of the time that the best gift I give to friends and family. I keep hunting for the enjoyment and challenge that comes from it and I give away what I can't eat in a year to people I know will enjoy it. Am I an asshole because I keep hunting after my freezer is full?
Anyone ever try to count how many animals Randy Newberg kills in a year?

I doubt he is much different than Cam Hanes
Well for a while Randy was taking several does a year to give to a local food bank, not sure if he’s been doing that recently, but I’d imagine he probably kills more critters than Cam.

I’m not all caught up on Randy’s content but unless I missed it he doesn’t have a video of Mathew beating him with a stick while doing pulls ups to get in shape for a private land ATV elk hunt.
Anyone ever try to count how many animals Randy Newberg kills in a year?

I doubt he is much different than Cam Hanes

A couple thoughts that come to mind right away:

Randy is a public land hunter that spends a lot of time, resources, and energy on conservation and education. He’s stayed true to that since the beginning of OYOA and FT’s.

The focus on education was very helpful for me and many others that were new to western hunting in learning the application process, general behavior of different species, season structures, ect, ect. Now that I’m more experienced I don’t really watch much of any content, but I remember it being very helpful when I was new to it.

He was doing it before it was “in”, and I would argue that Cameron Hanes earlier content was much easier to watch than what’s is become now.

I would argue that if Randy had the choice to start a media company focused on hunting in todays conditions it would be a hard no but I’d be curious his thoughts on that…

I’m in Matts camp in general and have grown to dislike any hunting related media content. All these grown men pointing cameras in their face self promoting at the expense of public resources is getting old. Their purpose is unclear and seems to be more about "getting paid to do what I love" than anything else. Hunting used to not be cool and I would like for it to get back to that. Since hanging around HT I've gotten a better understanding of Randy's view on things and would say it's hard to get the full picture of his purpose from just watching a couple FT episodes.

Last point, I've seen FT's become more and more sensitive to the information shared on their shows to help preserve some of the areas they hunt. I think that shows me they are willing to listen to the concerns of people that don't want their spots blown up for the purposes of content. I think that's happening in general within the industry cause "influencers" are becoming more aware of the negative impacts their content might present.

alright I know 1% of people will read this rambling bs so i'll stop typing...
Randy is responsible for me getting into western hunting. I’ve only drawn two tags since 2019 though. I spend money on points, I sent the elk foundation $250 this year and have spent lots of money in the towns near my hunt units. I try to contribute more every year in some way.

I do get what y’all are saying and Matt’s message though. I’ve seen the changes the states I’m interested in have made or are in the process of making.

From my very limited knowledge and experience it seems the majority of the problem is new residents and the loss of winter range, etc.
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