Massive CA Blacktail


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Nov 20, 2001
Nipomo, CA, USA
Check out this link to see a massive CA blacktail. It was taken in Zone B1 last day of season 2002. I believe it will be a new record. A little more info I borrowed from JHP Fellas, your not going to believe your eyes, your all about to see the biggest 100% pure columbian blacktail you have ever seen. Go to and click on the link that says, Russell Roach's huge CA. blacktail. He has already been scored by Boone & Crockett but it won't be official until the 60 day drying period, which he probably won't lose more than an inch anyway. He grosses 187 and change and nets an amazing 181 and change! Even more amazing about this buck is the fact that they think he is only 4 or 5 years old, they are going to find out how old he is, to think he could of gotten bigger blows my mind. He weighed 145 completely dressed out, (heart, liver, etc...) which is big, but the body still doesn't look like it belongs with the rack, you will see what I mean.

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I always wonder about them Mendocino bucks - they seem to be a muley-blacktail cross to me, but since they are further west, they get classified as blacktails.

Nevertheless, it's a great buck! :D
it is a great buck indeed--I was on the site last week and saw the pic---they just have great food, cover and genetics and can grow big there in that area--chris
NIce ONe! Looks like Washington will still hold the record though!

Regardless of what anyone says, I think Southern OR/Northern CA blacktail should be a different category than the Brush Hawgs in Northern OR and Washington and BRitish Columbia.
That is an awsome buck. Black tail was my first deer. I have a little 3 pointer on the wall..Hard deer to find and get. They live in some of the heaviest brush this country can produce and are just as leary and jumpy as a white tail.... :D
NO Doubt Chaser. My first two bucks were Blacktails in Western Wash. Washington was cool, good BT hunting, Mulies and great whitetail hunting too!

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