Marriage 2.0


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Nov 1, 2012
Missoula, MT
I think the mark of a good podcast has you analyzing your own life and idiosyncrasies. I know that I did on this podcast - and my wife and I did talk about it a bit and I knew she wasn't going to listen to the podcast - but it did churn up some good discussions.

I grew up in a family of all boys - and never once went hunting with Mom. The story was that Dad took her out early in their relationship and walked her legs off. So she never went again.

I didn't want that - so overcompensated WAY too much. My wife is a MT ranch gal - and the third time I asked her if she was cold / wet / hungry - she simply said she's a big girl and can take care of herself. So I don't worry about it anymore. The biggest thing though is that she really doesn't love hunting like I do - so we're selective in trips she wants to take. She has things she loves to do, and I'll do some of it too. We both like having other interests and getting back together to wrap-up / decompress.

Making a life together is always give and take - so yeah, I "miss" out on some hunting days like she "misses" out of things she wants to do. We hit priorities to keep each other sane. I'm getting both kids hooked on hunting - but also realize that they'll have other interests in time that I'll need to support. I still probably average 50 days in the field every year - only 1 or maybe 2 extended hunts (3 plus days).