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Maineiac's buck (pt 2)


Apr 16, 2001
First,let me say thanx for all the congrats.Started the day off mon. morn by babysittin as the wife said she was gonna work all day.Got a few small chores done and she called bout 9am and said she decided not to work.When she arrived home at 10:30,it was well into the 40's and warmin up fast.My 11 yo son was really wantin to go huntin bad,so at 12:30 I told him to get dressed warm and we'd go sit till dark.We walked down thru the woods to a semi-grown up powerline and took a seat.We was swattin blackflies and sweatin from the walk down,and I almost said lets go home.We were there 1 hr and bout 225 yds away I spotted movement and could already see horns.Says I "here he comes Nick" (my boy).I'm not a sitter,never had the patience,but am learnin to.So out he walks broadside to.I laid it in there and fired and missed clean.Deer took 2 jumps after a slight hesitation and the second shot took him in the spine.This fall has been the most fun I've ever had.My son shot his first bear in aug and we topped it off with this super nice ,heavy racked,10 pointer.Its gonna be a long wait gettin him back from the taxidermist,but its well worth the wait.If ya got kids,take em to the woods with ya please.The look in their eyes makes it all worthwhile.Pictures will follow as soon as I can get them developed and get them to Tobey so he can scan em and get em up.Again,many thanx for the congrats.


Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
MAN... I'm making the rounds in the deer section this morning and SEEING/hearing ALL kinds of COOL stories !!!!!

Maineac.... Congrats today for the second time !!!!!