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Lungbuster gets first deer(pics and story now)


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Dec 20, 2000
Jackson, Wyoming
WTG Lungbuster.
Well Sunday morning it was only Fred Jr and I going out so I decided that I would just hang with him. We go to the 1st choice to hunt and as we walked to where we wanted to set up we jump up 2 deer. Bucks they was, a 8(4x4) point and a 6(3x3) point. So we still stayed a bit and then left. Going to another area I spy the big boy that my friend Ron wanted. It was huge deer for sure.

The other areas I thought about wasnt good for this time of morning so I remembered a spot above camp on the road in that was heavy inb sign and I had seen deer there before season crossing around 9am. So we get there and and set up. Well only 10 minutes later there is a deer. It is a spike buck. (1x1)It comes within range on us and I can not really see since I am behind my son.(I left my bow in car just to be there with him) Finally he shoots and I see the deer going away hunched over with tail down.

So I wait a few mintutes and see if I can find the bolt.(Son was using a crossbow that morning)
I cant find it so after a few minutes longer I go searching for blood. I finally find it about 40 yards away. I then hear something jump and rush away. OOPS.

So we back out and go back to camp for a hour longer. We go back with TE and start again. The blood trail is spotty at best and is dark blood. We follow a meandering trail for about 70 yards longer when I find the bolt. It is covered in and around the fletching is stuff I do not like.(I believed it was gut shot at that time and we should have backed off again at that time) We go another 40 yards and we watch the deer jump up again and it takes off. OOPS again

We back off and go back to camp and arrange to have some help. We go back 2 hours later and we search and search for blood from where we jumped it up last time. This is in heavy brush and small trees with plenty of dang thistles and thorns. We finally get more blood and start again. TE does a excellant job finding more blood and follows our friend Mel's advice on tracking deer. Finally about another distance TE yells he found the deer. It is dead at last. I hug my oldest and he is a happy camper finally getting his 1st whitetail.

We decide to drag it uphill to a clearing about 80 yards away to field dress it. We get it up there and after I ran back to camp to get needed stuff we get it to the chekc in station.

I really didnt get a good pic for his first deer because I left the camera in car while searching. Then when we got back TE had already field dressed it himself and put it in game bag.

So this pic is right before we butchered it up. I should say TE did that.

It is a spike buck. (1x1)
Now that is funny.

Congrats to your eldests first deer, may there be many more. It is great that you were able to be there for the experience, both his and yours. Obviously it became a family affair and ended on a great note. Now get a pack and haul that camera into the woods with you. ;) :D
Congrats to Lungbuster (and you, Fred) on his first deer! Good job finding him.

Way to go. Congrats to your son. I had a great feeling for my sons first year hunting on sat also. Nothing like a great day with the kids.
Yep I am Happy for the Big guy.
;) :D

The look on his face when he got back to camp said it all.

Now it my turn I told all 3 boys and Fred I would not shoot a deer till they all had one.

And I have been watching this big boy for sometime now and this weekend I going for him.
WHOooooooHH !!! Congrats. You guys know you ned a Family picture with ALL the Nut's in the Pictures. Errr.. Family Nut's I mean ;)

Congrats Lungbuster !!!
Way to to the Nut bunch. ;) A true family affair. Nothing better than sharing good times hunting with family. Good job Lungbuster :cool:
Nice looking deer. He'll be nice and tender, y'all be able to cut his steaks with a fork. My first buck was a little spike. Congradulations!!!
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I'll bet that was a long wait for lungbuster ,waiting to know his deer was down for good.
I hate that.
But you all did a great job of tracking.
So TurkeyEye now does the field dressing? Cool.

"Now it my turn I told all 3 boys and Fred I would not shoot a deer till they all had one.

And I have been watching this big boy for sometime now and this weekend I going for him."

Best of luck to you Vip,I hope you connect with that one.
You are one nice Mom.
I never told my son that LOL
He still gives me crap about the year he spotted a deer and said " There's a deer , Mom give me your rifle I can't get it with mine (he had open sight's) I told him NO Way ,where's the deer, LOL he showed us and I shot it . Then another one jumped up and Steve shot it. LOL
He ended up shooting a big 4x4 later in the week,he ended up shooting the biggest deer in camp between 4 adult's.
I think that was his first year hunting at 12 yr's old.

"If guns cause crimes,then my pencil causes misspelled words."

I love it.
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