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Lost Virginity!


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Oct 11, 2002
Not Idaho :( !!!...AZ for now
I can finally say good-bye to my elk virginity, I dropped a raghorn on Thursday. I went back up after the herd I found and spooked the day before (see Elk 101 help post). You guys were right, the herd was still around the general area. I just had to look for them. When I first found the herd, all I could see was 30 cows, but after I repositioned on the ridge I found what I was after, "Mr Forky" laying down. I looked for about 20 minutes trying to find the other bulls I saw the day before, but no luck. I was in some pretty steep, open coutry, so it took about an hour to get into position. He was on the bottom rodge with 8 cows. The wind was in my favor, blowing up hill into my face. I could only get to with 250-275 yards of him. This would'nt have been a problem for a bigger rifle but for my .308, this was getting out there. I waited until he got up and gave me a perfect shot opportunity, but right when I squeezed the trigger he turned away from me. I herd the hit (what a great sound) after I shot but he just ran down the back side of a ravine with the cows. I started to see the cows come up the other side and was praying I did'nt see horns on one of them. I did'nt see horns come out, so I knew he was down. I about had a heart attack at this point, my first elk down :D :D I waited for about 15 minutes before I approached and found him at the bottom of the wash. He was still alive but he could'nt move. I placed another shot through his neck, and I finally did it. All of the mile's of mountain climbing payed off. Man was he a chore to field dress. That's one big critter and he's all mine! I shot him at 3:45 so by the time I had him dressed, it was dark and starting to rain/snow. I had a long steep walk back to the truck so I had to leave him overnight. The pack out was another story all in it's self. Man what a hunt!
Congradulations, now your in for some fine eating.
Don't think that .308 ain't enough gun, DS whaks em with a .243
Congrats Carnivore!

Dan, not a .243.....I like to use my .22 mag ;)
Thanks gents,

I do have pics of my critter, but I need to use the rest of the roll and then get them developed. I also have have pics looking down where he was sitting and some pics looking back up where I shot from.

The best thing about this hunt was the gun I used. My grandfather gave it to me a few years ago before he past away. It's an heirloom that I hope to pass down for generations. It's only a ordinary Savage 99E, thats shows some where and tear, but it's priceless to me.

I went back yesterday to where I shot my bull. I have a buddy (helped with the pack out) who still needed to fill his tag. We saw the herd on the ridge above us, and after an hour hike straight up he was in shooting position. But it was'nt meant to be, there were 47 cows and no horns.:( He said he still had a great hunt regardless of the outcome.
Sweet Carnivore! We wished eachother luck there on Friday or Thursday and we both got bulls! We'll have to remember that next year.

Carnivore, congratulations! Were you in Zone 39?? My two buddies and I struck out in Sawtooth Zone. Well, there's always next year.

Congratulations you old whore.. Lost the cherry... and found the BBQ.. that will be about the sweetest meat you ever ate. I know mine was...

Danr55: Yor're right about the good eats. Started cutting the meat yesterday, worked for about 5 hours then we cut some fine looking steaks from the strap and had a world class meal

Lone Wolf: I was in 39. I found the herd above Rough Canyon (rightly named)[Back side of Granite Mt, other side of Wilson Flats] Sorry to hear about the bad luck in Sawtooth.

Horn Seeker: Congrats with your bull. Was it the same guy you were going after?

With big game over, I can finally start knocking down some birds. My dog probably thinks I forgot about her. She would get so exicted when I was getting ready, and I would go off without her. I have some making up to do.

Off to the low lands!
Congratulations. Great Job. Im looking for my first elk friday, cow only but I will be happy with any elk.

Congratulations on your first bull. Welcome to the club.

BTW watching the cows leave the other side of the ravine and seeing no bull normally means that the bull split off and went his own way. Bulls commonly do that when the herd is spooked. I'm glad for you that it worked out in your favor.

Hey that's great!!
Love to hear of another elk dropping to a hunttalk weapon....Congrats..Good story!!! :D
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