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Lost and Found.........


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Nov 24, 2003
Has anyone lost a 36" typical buck because I found one the weekend before last and has been spotted several times since. To far away for pics except first time I spotted him and was out yote hunting when I found him. I sent some friends out after him though. so if you lost him let me know. Please state Identifying marks and tine length and characteristics. I will respond with location if can identify him.LOL
Good luck to all others.
36" typ., holy sheet,
what a monster. I didn't lose one, but sure would like to find one.

I sounds like you are definately in big buck country. Apparently you are done for the season. I think I would keep his location to myself. Even my close buddies would be SOL.
MT some other guys have found him. So would rather have someone that I know get him. I am going to get some footage though. I am waiting till this weekend or if it gets to where I can't work. Wind rain or snow so I can take off. I will post pics when I get them.
Sider.... The best time to find him is in Feb in a Field with a Spot light... I've gotten Most my 30 - 36" bucks that way !!!
Sider, that sounds just like the one that I misplaced on my last trip out west. He's a 36" typical, and has longer tines than the garden-variety 28" kind. Sounds just like him, doesn't it? If you don't mind, please catch him and tie him to a tree for me until I can get there...shouldn't be more than 4-5 years, tops.
My friend went out to hunt him and he saw 8-9 rigs out there and I have been doing a ton of honey-do's and didnt get a chance out there. heard a couple guys missed some shots at him though. I am hoping he makes it. Will look for his sheds though. Maybe this week I can get back out there. Isn't the same when I dont get to hunt him though. Had one guy get some footage of him but said it sucked and couldnt see him well.
Sorry to get some of you excited over him and I will be trying to find him though.

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