Looking for hunting area help or partner in SW Montana


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Nov 6, 2014
My name is Pat and I went on a 10 day early wilderness hunt in the Bob Marshal wilderness with no success.The weather was 75 to 80 for the 8 days we hunted,heard 3 shots on the first day (2 sounded like from the same gun) and only heard 3 elk in 8 days. Did not even see 1 elk,although the guide and I did see a cougar and watched it walk towards us to within 50' before we let it know that we were there.

Anyway I still have my tag and there is still time to hunt if I can get info on a place to go or someone willing to hunt with me for 3 to 5 day.

About me, I am 60 years old,live in the Seattle area and have hunted elk for many years without success, ZERO ELK so far. Non-smoker,have good Hunter ethics and feel if you pack it in,pack it out with you. I am looking for some place in western to S. Western Montana ( to or including around Yellowstone ) to hunt to try and get my First ELK.
Any help would be appreciated Thanks.

Big Fin

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Dec 27, 2000
Bozeman, MT
Hmmm. Wish I could give you some dead ringer locations. Right now, with being the most mild Oct/Nov in the 23 years I've lived in MT, the elk are high, really high. Add in some hunting pressure and it is tough right now. Weather coming this week that could help.

If I was coming fro Seattle, I would watch the weather and see if there is any snow coming. If so, then you could probably toss a dart at a map of SW MT and your odds would be pretty close to even in all locations. None of them easy, but most all still possible.

I will have a guest hunter with me all week and I am very worried about finding any elk. I've scouted for three days and found exactly three elk; all way high in a wilderness area. Wish I had a better report for you.

Good luck.

Poor packer

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Nov 22, 2013
You can hunt the closed roads just of the I 90 freeway. Stay in hotel in st. Regis. There are plenty of strong backs around that would pack your elk out for a fair share of meat. I go with you but I am trying to fill my moose tag here in eastern Washington. Let me know if I can help. I don't have a license for this year but next year might work out.