Look who was in my back yard last evening...

Robert M Boren Sr

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Aug 9, 2003
Troy, Montana
This was fun taking the pictures, but I had a gun with me the whole time.

He was 30 yards tops. I was in my wife walnut tree picking walnuts and my hollars at me and says what's that, I look around and said that's a bear. So got the dogs in the house and grabbed the camera and told the wife to grab my 44 mag just in case and she brings me the 45. I figured that would do in a pinch. At one point I was about 15 yards from him. I watched until he finally laid down. It was fun. Only in Montana, thanks for the welcome. Rob Sr.

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I bet that was cool. However, that is how people get attacked by black bears and the bears end up having to be put down ect. At my ranch in wyoming i came from around one of our sheds and there was a bear, not 10 steps away. I'd say 20 feet. It stood up on it hind legs and after a three or four second stare down he took off into the trees. Oh man you talk about a adrenaline rush. I have had them walk pretty close to me while hunting before also.

later, MM
Great picture. Lookes to me as if the bear had a cub along with. Was tehre a cub or am I seeing things? And welcome to the board.
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Here's a better picture of the same bear. This is the next day. He's small, I would guess 4 to 5 years old. You can see my latter I was using to pick the plums with in the back ground.

Thanks, the reason I know about the size and age of the bear is my middle son shot his first big game animal this spring, a bear, the the game warden said that he was maybe 4 years old, and this one looks like to me the exact same size if not just a bit bigger. He's definately more fatter than David's bear, but his being in the spring, still had about an inch of fat on him still. I thought that was amazing to have that much left. I have shot several bears in my time, that's why it's so easy to sit and watch. My back door open of course
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