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Loking for started coon hounds and older broke dog


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Dec 15, 2000
Aksai, Kazakhstan via Covington Louisiana
i figure I can get a bit of inside info and maybe a good deal on an older broke coon dog and two starters.

i know, i know. That is what them coon hound sites are for! but, i figure someone here might just have a connection or so.
Give me a shout.
What kind of money are you wanting to spend on a coon dog? In other words, are you just looking for a dog that will catch you a coon or are you looking for a world beater that will outhunt every dog on the hill?

Coon dogs or hounds in general are like trucks. What do you need? A 2 wheel drive Toyota to haul some weeds to the dump, or a $40,000 dollar Powerstroke that will outrun anything around and pull your house if you need it to?

Dogs are kinda that way... do you need one to get you around, or one that can do it all and make all your buddies jealous?
from handling 2 gradn Nite champions, 1 duel gr. Nt. Champion and owning a nt. champion, i know what you are saying.
i would just like an older broke hound that will stay off trash. 2 young blueticks or walkers out of good blood to break in my way.
I have done well with blueticks, and find them a bit easier to start than walkers. Also a bit more cold nose.
I figure an older broke dog in the 3 K range and I can check out full cry for some pups.
3 K is in the mid range for an older broke hound to use as a trainer.
The rest is up to the pups and me! The more you hunt them the better they get. I have some great places to hunt with plenty of coon. just would hate to get an old hound with bad habits or run trash.
Hey Thumper,

Sounds like you know what you want and I'm sure you will get it. I'm sure you know this already but there is no shortage of guys out there who want the worlds best dog for $500 bucks.

We have tons of guys out here that are looking for a "broke lion dog" or a "broke solid rig dog for bear" and they always have $400 or $500 bucks burning a hole in their pocket.

I'm sure you guys deal with the same thing in the cooning world huh? My problem is I'm not sure I know what a real top coon dog is. Out here we hunt bear and lion mostly and just dabble in coons on occasion. So I've seen some pretty nice coon dogs out here, or so I thought... but not sure how they'd stack up against the professional coon dogs.

If I hear of anything I'll let you know my friend!!
Thanks HD,
I have 1 broke "lion hound" out in Wyoming but he is a wet ground hound only. A friend of mine gave him to me as a pup and he broke him in with his pack.
I will hope to get up and lion hunt this Christmas.
Yupper you are right about folks wanting them $500 dogs. Hell, I could not sell a pup from good stock for that.

One of the hardest things I had to do when moving to Thailand almost 8 years ago was to get rid of my pack.
Starting over is not only expensive, but a long run of trial and error.
Thanks and if you do run across someone getting out of coon and cat hunting with an older hound, give me a yell!
I will definately need a dry ground dog. Don't care for the paper work on an older broke hound. Just something to work with.
I would hope to get back in my former "circle" a get back a favor from some of the hounds I let go in the past. But i would not count on that.
Thailand? Where the hell is that? Is that over by Asia somewhere or is Tailand a little town in So. Georgia?

Are you located in Georgia now? And you come clear to Wyoming to hunt lions? Why don't we just rope you up a couple and you can take 'em home and get a lion population started in Georgia?
I can See Thumper and HoundDawg getting along just fine
HAHA !!!

Thumper will lie and say he's in the oil field, but what he really means is he "DRILLS" for a living, He's our local Porn Star making those Chineese porn movies. I'm sure you have seen them in Utah at every convinience store
Come on Moose man! I have yet to publish our video's

just lookin for a half broke dick hound to start my pups.
I looked over his site, and DAMN !

The man get the cats! Mind ya he does have some walker and bluetick mixed, butn if it trees "It will be."
The thing about hunting cats thats ya missed, is not the kill, but the run.
I still count every one of the 27 times ya dumpded my arse off the snow machine.
But who counts!
I figure I will be hunting and in the Nt. Champion hunts in less than 3 years! No SHIT!
But I got to get your fat burger king eating ass in shape to run with us HOUNDSMEN!
Unless you want to run small cats in the Bayou!
Check out his web site!i found it to be great. Although he is from Tater land! I bet he can put up a hell of a hunt! No wussies or non-houndsmen wanted ???
Oh, so you're the Asian Porno star I'd heard so much about. WayCool never stops talking about that video he got called Yellow Fever.

I heard you were something to behold in that one Thumper. And now I realize where you got your handle.

But Moosie, I can't get those Porn videos here in Utah County. You can't even buy beer in this place without a DNA sample. I have to go get them in the Cache Valley up north.

Some dude named Kevin sells them out of his garage. Good luck with your Golden globe award for the Yellow Fever video Thumper.

I had to copy it to CD .. cause the tape was wearing thing

So... I guess Dawg's not gonna sell you wanna them $500 Rig, strike to tree, dry ground, super gritty, stone cold broke blue dogs of his eh Thumper ??

Dawg and Koolman,
Thanks for the great posts.
y'all will have to wait for the next video. Jungle fever! It was fun making, but all the ladies said they were 21???.

I tried to get Moose man more shots in the video, but they could not enlarge the shots to make it look realistic! Now ya know why we used to call him "The pan man" I am sure if we push his buttons, he will post a picture again!

Something about that boy and dropping his drawers?? One of these days, I am going to have a long talk with that boy!
Go figure. Oh, BTW, NEVER, and I will say "NEVER" ride on any ATV, snow machine or follow behind on a horse! That tater boy will hurt ya!

Hell, If someone told me they had a broke rig dawg for $500, I would not even think about calling about it.

Folks, coming up from the south just to run lion or bear is not a big deal. Hell, I have flown up to 27 hours from SE Asia just to hunt with someone for 10 days!
I love hounds! Running Fox, yotes, and others, but nothing beats a solid chop mouth, tree hugging dawg!

I used to have a Nt.champion registered as
" Boykin's Black water Thunder" He was a heck of a hound, and we spotted him in Full cry two times.

Like our drilling records, it is hard to fathom, that he would average 65 to 72 tree barks a minute and hold it for 2 hours, before slipping back to 21 to 35! (Full CRY September 1994)

Then after a nasty run in with bee's, he would never hug the tree again! He would back off at about 25 hits a minute and would hold tree until day break! I guess that was good, because he would have made Gr. Nt. Ch, but was scratched twice for fighting at the tree when a he was face barked.

If I could not get to him, he would be laying on my jacket at the dump point before 9 AM!
What really got my ass, is someone shot him laying down, ( My jacket) because they thought it was a deer hound! To top that, it was my lease and someone who should have known the dog!
I would has just rather saw him as a road kill than to put up with that! Thats hound hunting!
I had a buddy who lost a Gr. NT. Champion to a kid who shot the "hound" because he thought it was a yote!
I am sure we will stay in contact and get something running. Be it as just hunting, or coming as a clien or both, I am game!
Maybe I can afford to sell some of them broke rig dawgs for $500
I will have to tell ya about this BIG blue hound called freightliner! He would hit the ground off the tail gate hiting every breath and run about 300 yards like he was on a hot trail! Unfortunately, it was a habit he would do that 100 miles from ANY game! A .22 hollow point solved that problem!

someone said you only have one best hound in a life/ i thought about that and have ran or handled some of the top! But i figure mine is yet to come.
For you movie buffs and hand strokers!

Jungle fever will soon to come at the truck stop near you! Features ladies from Cambodia, Burma, Singapore, Thailand and some short footage of the moose man!

OOPS! Did I say short footage
My bad, Sorry, Moosie but they can only do so much with editing!

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