Lion Pics.


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Feb 17, 2001
Talmage, Utah


These are a couple of pictures of a lion that we caught for a guy from P.A. He is the one holding the lion. This was the second lion we treed that day. Caught another lion for his friend the same morning. This guy even called in a coyote and shot it while we were cutting tracks on the snowmobiles. They had a good did I. The lion green scored right at 15". Just a nice cat.

Don't resize them Catman Their probably the closest to real life I will ever get LOL.
Sounds like one heck of a day.

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Beautiful Pics. How do you get such good pics of them in the trees lionhunters? whenevr I take bear in tree pics they come out like a black dot in the tree.
Great pictures Catman! Can you take a little friendly advice though? You need to work on your composition a little. For instance, if you'd climbed up and removed that little twig in front of the cat's nose it would have made it an even better picture. Just Kiddin'! Thanks for posting them.

George P, I've got boxes full of little black dots in trees! Every once in awhile the right situation comes up and we get some decent pictures though. And a few years ago I finally broke down a bought a decent camera with a 300mm zoom. It takes up half my pack but ups the percentage for good pictures. Oh yeah, and never underestimate the value of an extra 500,000 candlepower spot either!

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Come on Buckshot dont start!!!! I ended up buying that bear pack from out near you.Bought it lock,stock and barrel.I am meeting him in Wisconsin next week to pick everything up.The seller sounds like a straight shooter so I am excited about the deal.It is a load of money to put up though when you are just going on a guys word.I will be surprised if the dogs arent what he says they are.
George, just kinda curious who your getting the dogs from or where bouts in northern Id, I might know who there coming from or a little about there background.
Nice pics! Whats that white stuff on the ground? I just got back from 3 days hunting in Colo. and it was 75 degreess one day in Montrose, Real lion hunting weather! Ha! Guess its time to fish. KW