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Like Moses, I can turn the sea red too....


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Aug 22, 2002
First hot day, i knew it was going to go down so i called in sick for work "cough cough" and went hunting..... here is the result. Sorry i have no picks of me in it but i was by myself.

Check out the livewell overflow discharge!!


I filled the livewell, then a 50Gal garbage can, and then took my tip off and did some catch and release! I had no place to put anymore! HE HE
So,you know how to cook those ol' carp,don'tcha ?

<FONT COLOR="#800080" SIZE="1">[ 06-16-2003 16:27: Message edited by: Seldom Ever ]</font> we boil them in a gallon of Jack daniels,then throw the carp away and drink the jack....
Way to go on the carp Schmalts. What did you end up for a total? Biggest fish?

I am planning on getting out this weekend to do some fish stabbing as well. Looks like you have a nice set up. Do you troll around, or just find a good spot and anchor?

I have only shot carp while wading or from the shore. I need to find someone around here with a boat and enjoys the shoot.

Keep up the good work and thanks for the pictures.
MtMiller,I never counted. I estimate somewhere around 40-50. I actually blew 2 knocks, snapped a line on one and lost 2 tips. so the last 20 fish i was just using an arrow with no barb so they would just get off, and good thing because i was out of storage area. I had a lot of 20Lb+ fish and thats good for this lake. It would have been nice to lay the out for a picture but i was lazy and rolled the dumpster over to the bout after i got it trailered and asked some guy at the launch to help me dump them in. Man is that gonna smell in a few days...
I love this lake because its real clear and they spawn in sandy/weedy flats. I use the trolling moter on real low speed and keep cutting through the spawning areas. It was real calm today and i could see the whole bay with my polaroids and just looked for the huge dust clouds and headed towards them. They were flopping within a foot of shore too but those are arrow busters!! one rock can kill your tip.
So many shots and never got my double, dammit! I though for sure i would because there were 4-6 together side by side a lot of times.
Saw 2 huge snappers too. one was probably one of the biggest i ever saw. I was looking down at a dust cloud expecting a big carp to pop out and this monster comes out and comes up to the surface to get some air. I took some pics of him too, but they dont do his size justice because there was nothing to compare him too but water. Anyone remember Gamera the Japanese turtle?
I didnt do the Lake Michigan shoot this year, it was too cold and they werent spawning yet. maybe this weekend.

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That looks like it was a great day...
If you have a garden, I know the corn likes to eat carp!!!
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