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Jan 13, 2002
Salmon, ID
Does anyone know what kind of bag I should get?? I want one that is rated for -20 degrees, a mummy bag that is synthetic and also in the 3-5 pound range. Maximum I want to spend is $200, thanks.
SOunds like a tall order to me.... if Anaconda doesn't chime in, you may want to drop him an e-mail. It seems to me that he made a post not long ago about a bag he bought for his late season Colorado hunt last year... Good Luck!
Take a look at web site. their "North Face" sleeping bags are pretty good. I have one and have used it on Mt Fuji in Japan and in the Saw Tooth here in Idaho. I like it. If you add a light flannel bag liner it will hold heat down 10 deg more. I think they have a store in Sac and might have one in Redding. The website has a store locator.

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My bag was great, down to -16%, but it's heavy, not for backpacking. It's a Slumber Jack "Hunt King II" rated to -20%
Weights almost 10 lbs
Slumber Jack makes one called the "Packlite II" thats rated to -10% and weights under 4 Lbs

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Thanks everyone.

Did you ever get that bag?

Try those guys have some killer deals... and try closeout wharehouse stuff at it's best!

Whatever bag you get take care of it! Keep it really clean (better warmth and water resistance), hang it up when stored not stuffed (a smashed bag loses it heating/insulating properties), and never pull the zipper with the "fob" (the tie on the zipper handle) always use the handle, it will help keep the mechanism straight and reduce wear... Trust me a busted zipper will make even the best bag junk (Elk Camp 2002).

Best of luck,

Think of me as your personal advisor, go look around and lemme know what you've got your eye on... I'll try to make sure you don't waste any of your money.

Where you gonna find all this cold in California?

Well I will only be hunting in California two more deer seasons. After that I'm moving to Idaho and it is a little colder up at 10,000 feet than it is here. I plan to do backpacking trips for animals and would like to stay out in the field for a few days at a time. That's why I'm looking into this stuff. I know it's still a long ways away but I would like to get some of the stuff in case I wanted to travel up about an hour from my house and hunt at over 10,000 foot elevations just for some practice. Once again, thanks for the help.
A -20 bag at <5 lbs?? You won't find it. Hell I can't even find a -10 bag at less then 4lbs of carry weight. Thats including down, and down is lighter then synthetic.
Sorry to break it to ya BT but in Cabelas there is a bag rated for -40 and it's carry weight is only 5 lbs 4 oz . They also have a -10 thats carry weight is 3 lbs 15 oz.
You know, I can't find my cataloge
I was looking for it earlier today. Then My ISP was haveing tech problems so I was shut down for a while.
Are these bags new this year? Who is makeing them for Cabelas? I am very particular to construction.
Ya know, I have to doubt Cabelas claim of a -40° bag at all... Not in a single bag, and not under eight pounds of combo-down/synthetic fill... buy the time all your sleeping gear is accounted for.

Is there a particular reason you are avoiding down?

With todays modern hydrophobic shells down is nearly waterproof at not much more cost.

It is said "how much is a comfortable nights sleep worth?" I go a step further and say "how much would you pay to no longer be cold after a long day on your treestand?"

Maybe we can save you enough on your other purchses to be able to spend half again as much on a really good bag?

Thats interesting Krusty, when I was growing up in the late sixties and early seventees, I learned the hard way that down was a bad thing when it got wet, but as you say the technologies have changed a lot and I suppose it may have some merit to start checking into. Besides, they were still pretty much stuffing down into those nylon type sacks the military uses or using a cotton liner, very heavy...
My buddy, from down south, has an aversion to tents...

I have seen him sleep on the ground in a pouring rain... in his Gore-Tex shelled sleeping bag and not get a single feather wet.

This adds a bit of cost to a bag but the performance is worth it if you can swing the dough. He fully got my attention.

Krusty- Got any experience with the Big Agnes bags? I'm real keen on the Lost Ranger and would appreciate your input.
Very cool!

Looks like they sorted out the air leakage problems the first generation of "half bags" had.

I tried out another brand, and have never found the pad alone to be comfortable enough. Not because of heat or cold, but because I like the padding provided by a sleeping bag