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Last hunt this year


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Nov 30, 2003
Challis Idaho
Got to take an old friend out for a late cow hunt saterday. One last hoorah for this year.We rode horse back into the herd creek drainage of the east fork of the salmon.Didn't take long to locate a herd with some cows in it and move in for a shot. Ol' Bill took a year old cow clean with one shot.We dressed it out and cut it in half and split the spine without cutting the hide with my saddle axe.The halves fit nicely over the saddles and a slit in the hide where the saddlehorn liked to be locked them on.Bill was able to ride with the fronts over his lap this way.Too bad we didn't have a camera, Bill was quite a sight.
WTG on the hunt. Tell Ol Bill congrats from the Hunt Talk group.
Way to go on the late season hunt. Sounds like an interesting way to get your meat out of the woods.
Kudos on the hunt, rumor has it there are alot of Cats in your Area. MAybe you should try that for a last Hoorah ?

Congrats again !!
Congrats on the elk. A pic would hve gone real nice with the story.But I bet the elk will taste real good. Nice young cow.
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