Kowa Highlander


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Jul 28, 2016
I have always thought that the Kowa Highlander was the best version of big glass. But it seems that everybody either 1) has a BTX or 2) makes their own version of "big glass" with dual spotting scopes rigged together somehow. I understand the kowa is cumbersome but I can't really believe that the other two options are perfectly slim and light. And I can't believe everybody is hiking in 10 miles to hunt either. Is anybody using the Highlander and happy with it?


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Oct 9, 2009
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2) makes their own version of "big glass" with dual spotting scopes rigged together somehow
^Never seen this and never seen anyone use the highlander. 13lbs is obscene!!! Looks next level heavy and restricts you to a single objective zoom of 32x.

Here's my opinion not that you asked :D ;) At that rate, I'd buy a Kowa 883 with a 25-60x eyepiece still be 9lbs lighter.

I'm regularly hunting 10 miles per day as are a bunch of people. To most a quality pair of 10x (or12x) on a tripod and/or a compact spotter (think the Kowa TSN-550) is more than enough and can be had for the same price and give you way more flexibility


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Nov 30, 2016
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I’ve used the highlanders before, they’re awesome. It also wasn’t for hunting the furthest we had to carry them was from a truck to the firing line. I think the advantage the bdx has is the single objective lens. The highlanders are ridiculously heavy, they worked best with the tripods they came with. We tried them on manfroto tripods with the squeeze clamping heads and they were just to big and a pain in the ass to get on targets. I could maybe see use for them at a base camp. But you’d have to dumber than a box of rocks to carry those big bastards around.