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I have an amazing wife and we support each other in parenting and in all of our interests. I will and always have made her take time away from the kids to go on get aways with her sisters. In like manner she has always supported me and let me take all the time off that I have wanted to hunt. And now that I have 3 boys and a daughter that are all old enough to hunt, I would say my hunting time has increased, she'll let me take plenty of time off to take the kids hunting.

So in short, no, kids have never slowed down my hunting and now they have given me more time to hunt. But remember, it's give and take. You keep the kids and encourage your wife to get away while you keep your kids too.
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I wouldn't trade any amount of hunting time for the experience of raising our 3 boys. That being said I hunted a lot with my father in law so grandma picked up my slack. My wife was also very understanding plus we were poor and needed the freezer filled each fall.
No kids here at 35, together 16 years. Spend minimal time around other people's kids/toddlers and no nieces and nephews. Overall the freedom is nice. Never had the strong desire for a kid that some have but we do want a kid. It is "unexplained" and with no known health issues the only medical solution is paying them 5-figure sums of money with no guarantees. With no kid we'll have a ton of money and freedom over the next 30+ yrs. And we would still do pretty darn financially well with a kid and I think we are the type that would still get out and do a bunch of fishing and hunting.
That’s kind of the way I live right now. My wife and I are gypsies and just go wherever/whenever we want.

My wife has been too good to me though. She understand that hunting is who I am. We agreed that I’d have to scale back on leaving and spending big bucks for tags and conservation stuff. We agreed that I would still hunt a few times a year.

But what we say and what happens could be two different things and that literally frightens me.
I have one kid and that was plenty for my wife and I. I do have a friend that got married and was convinced by his wife to have one, and he puts on a cheery face but it sure seems he’s not happy deep down. They were nomadic like you, ski bums, carefree and frivolous. Now that has all completely changed and I can tell he misses it dearly, and the changes a kid brings to the relationship also bothered him. I realize his experience is the minority, but it’s legit and society loves putting a rose colored lens on all things parenting.
Everyone who says “having kids is worth it” is secretly playing a long game to depopulate their honey holes.

Wouldn't the ones suggesting he not have any be playing the even longer game to do the same?
My children and wife are the best thing to ever happen to me. Ive been lucky enough to be blessed with a very understanding wife, who also loves game meat. She has been incredible. If it wasnt for her, Im sure I would miss out on a lot more hunting adventures.

The difficult part for me now, is being on the mountain for multiple days. I find myself wanting to go home to be with the kids and ask them about their day. Having sevice where you hunt is very helpful with that.

I wouldnt trade my kiddos for all of the hunting in the world.
Now if I get a OIL tag... im gonna be a bad dad/husband for a few weeks 🤣
I think it’s kinda funny (and great really), that the life and family advice on HT is usually about 10x more well meaning and helpful than any hunting or shooting content.
I learned how to shoot a muzzleloader and how to reload bullets on here. Now I’m learning about kids.

Killing an elk? Pffft
Lets see... We took our daughter on a weekend of New York ruffed grouse hunting at 6 weeks old, numerous PA pheasant hunts between 3-5 months old, bass/pike fishing in Canada at 9 months old, an elk hunt in New Mexico at 13 months old, some more PA pheasant hunts at 14-15 months old, and at 16 months she watched us drag some deer in PA firearms season. In about a month she'll be coming along with us fishing in the Florida Keys at 18 months old. no... no slow down in hunting in this household. My wife is mostly to thank for that, she tolerates my shenanigans with the patience of a saint.
I hunt far more since I’ve had kids. Before kids - I got married at 32 - I had about 20 hobbies and I had all the time in the world. Many of the things I most wanted to do I put off until “later”. Well, later without a plan turned into “never” before I knew it.

After having kid #1 I realized I needed to seriously prioritize my time, make and meet goals, and narrow down my activities. I hunt, garden, and DIY fixit and project. In the last year I picked up digital artwork as another dabble. That’s it. I hunt 60 days a year.
I didn't even start hunting until after my kids were born. I always wanted to hunt, but had no family that hunted. I wanted my kids to grow up hunting, so I stopped procrastinating after kid #2 was born.
Longer times away from home have become reduced, but outdoor recreation continues! They want to be with us wherever we go so bring ‘em. Here’s my son at 3yo making the best of it because fish weren’t biting. My daughter yesterday, will be 2yo next month.


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Strictly answering your question, less when they are really young, but then gradually increasing until for me, I go more now because of them. I cannot describe how fun it is to teach your little buddies about the outdoors and hunting. My wife says I have raised outdoor addicts. I couldn't be happier with that!
In the first few years, I still had my days, they were only day trips, or outings before and after work. Now, we are balancing out, and I’m enjoying some longer excursions again. I also enjoy simply bringing them along, knowing that we’re likely just going to take a walk, and spend time together in the woods. This was from Monday’s turkey opener in MT. They will surprise you, we went further in then I figured we would. Then sometimes ya get lucky!

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