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Not much with the right amount of planning and communication. Lots more hikes with a progressively heavier pack (get a good “kid carrier”). After they’re out of the infant stage, just bring them along and adjust your expectations on certain hunts.
Man I couldn't give a exact answer but definitely less. My boy is almost 9 and my girl 7 and I'm just now hitting a upswing. When they're little it takes a bunch of your time. Now the main thing is I can't just leave at the drop of a hat. Seems like everything has to be planned a year in advance. Fortunately I have a amazing wife and family support system.
Is there a congratulations in order?
Lol, no. This would be a really bad way of broadcasting it.

The TLDR is that my wife and I are very undecided on having kids 5 years into our marriage, and 14 years of being together. We both have agreed that we really enjoy our freedom but we still kind of want one.

There’s way more to this obviously but that’s a lot to type..
Well I'll say this......

There ain't any amount of time given up or adventures that never were that even come on the same scale as having a kid and being a parent.

And trust me......I bitch about it all the time too.....
Looking at what you give up because of kids is the wrong way to look at it…
I genuinely have a hard time seeing through that lens. But it’s easy for me to say it because I don’t have them. I know my attitude would change if it were reversed.

That’s a tough comment though, thanks for saying it. I need reminders like that sometimes.
My drop off was significant. But my hunting property is 90 miles away so there wasn't a way for me to get a morning hunt in or evening hunt in. We had Irish twins so we had our hands full. Daughter was very caulicki, turns out she had a dairy allergy so we were unintentially poisoning her for the first couple months. Kids got older and both were very active in sports so that took a whole lot of time. Now the wife is gone, kids away at college and I'm making up for lost time. I hunted around 60 days last year.
It really hasn’t affected me until this year. They are both eligible to hunt AZ now and mine is going to likely take a back seat to theirs.

The younger you can get it done the better. If you keep putting it off it only gets harder.
You won't be giving up anything if you have a kid. You'll understand that if you guys decide to have one. Your priorities change without you even knowing it. This is coming from a guy who admittedly was pretty selfish for lack of a better word before I had a kid. I did what I wanted when I wanted and that was that.
I did what I wanted when I wanted and that was that.
That’s kind of the way I live right now. My wife and I are gypsies and just go wherever/whenever we want.

My wife has been too good to me though. She understand that hunting is who I am. We agreed that I’d have to scale back on leaving and spending big bucks for tags and conservation stuff. We agreed that I would still hunt a few times a year.

But what we say and what happens could be two different things and that literally frightens me.

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