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Dec 13, 2000
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I've got a whole lot of pictures to scan and post, but Keith didn't get any photos of his hog, so I'm auctioning this off to the highest bidder! ;) Just kidding, Keith - send me your snail mail address Keith and I'll send you the duplicates. :D His pig was 196 pounds and had cutters about 2 inches long - a pig to be proud of fer shore.

Keith, I see what you were telling me, he is
a good looking pig. Those Ham steaks you cooked up the other day, I forgot to ask, did you Grill them :rolleyes: ...


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Thanks for posting the pics for me Rick, I'll e-mail my address thanks. Reddoggie, I put them on a rack in the oven. Flavor was awesome, just a little tough.
Keith - I've found with most game that a slow, moist heat works best. There is little or no marbling of fat in game so it gets dry and tough easily. In general, barbecuing it doesn't work well, as sacrilegious as that sounds. Fast dry heat just makes it tough. If you must barbecue it, cook it in the oven first with a little water or thin sauce in a tightly covered pot (so the steam doesn't escape and the meat doesn't dry out) at a low oven temperature for several hours, then just finish it off over the coals. Be prepared to use a spatula to get it off the grill, though, as it should just about fall apart. Even the ribs will get tough on the grill.
What works for me is to cook it at slow, moist heat - whether that is in a tightly cover roaster in the oven with a cup of water or other thin liquid, in a crockpot or simmered very low and slow in a covered pan on top of the stove. Then if I want to finish it off on the barbecue, I cook over the coals just long enough to darken the sauce, sear the outside of the meat or whatever.
Since game (venison, elk, wild pork) is generally pretty lean meat - even if there is a layer of fat on the outside, there is not usually much marbling of fat through the meat - fast, dry heat just makes it tough. But that's just my opinion.
Thanks for the tips Rick. Have you ever tried wrapping your meat (venison, pig, etc) in foil? I will take a steak and place it in foil with a nice hot salsa (individual choice on temp. of salsa), spread the salsa over both sides as well as other spices, and put it on the grill. I guess it's the same concept as your's, but the salsa really adds to the flavor. It's also a great way to grill your fish as well( just don't forget the lemon wedges).


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