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Juvenile Hunt Results


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Sep 28, 2002
Athens, TN
Well Total count 2 me and 2 for my buddy,Weston. Here is Saturdays story,
So we went out there this morning and Meathead, Mikey B., my buddie, and me in a big shooting house and the fog was so thick we couldn't see 30 yds in front of us until 10 AM we set there until 12 and so me and mikey b. left to go get somthing to eat for all of us, well when we got back my friend was already dragging a deer at that he shot at 171 yds dead in its tracks
we stayed in there all day and finally Meathead and my friend got back from taking to deer to the processers at about 30 minutes before dark a yearling walked out at about 100 yds and i was looking out there and another deer walked out compared to the yearling i thought it was pretty big but we saw the yearling that would have weighed 20lbs so we got to my deer and saw that it was a 80 lb button buck which made me really dissappointed but we went back to the stand and another deer walked out at 100 yds and my buddie still had another tag so he shot it

My buddie killed his limit Saturday so i had to go out today and try to get my limit on one more deer
This morning me and Meathead went out at about 6AM and we got in our stand we sat there until daybreak and the fog was bad again this morning but not quite as bad, at about 7 i glanced over and saw 3 deer, all does, trotting through the field at about 250yds but they wouldn't stop for a bleat call.
So thats all we saw this morning and we decided to get out and go get somthing to eat and take a nap before we went back out well we decided to hunt a different spot this afternoon despite seeing a lot of deer yesterday afternoon we moved to a closer spot to where the bigger deer were at.
We set there and saw only 2 small deer until about 10-15 minutes before dark, then Meathead saw some coming out of the tree line
I got ready and watched it finally they stoped coming out all together there were 10 in the group i picked out the biggest 1 and took a deep breath and glently squeezed off the trigger the deer dropped dead in its tracks at 189 yds the doe weighed about 85 lbs field dressed.

So the weekend was fun and we saw lots of deer and my buddy killed his first deer well his first 2 deer this weekend so i would say the weekend was a success

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good job! wow it looks like that one doe is a little stinky in the belly
schmalts that would be because i had a problem because the deer was quartering to me and i shot back and hit the rib cage and gut sot it
Young Robin Hood.. Kudos to you and the GANG !!! I've been afield and Almost missed this post. You guys are hunting slacking them deep it looks like.

Congrats again and thanx for the story !!