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Just what I needed.........


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Jan 8, 2001
more walkers.....lol Actually been planning this litter for several yrs, finally just put it all together....Could'nt wait for them to pop out, now I can't wait till there weaned...lol. 5 boys and 3 girls
George there out of my penny bitch and a male over on the oregon coast called Comet owned by a man named Johnie Young...you might read his name alot in Full Cry time to time...Comet is a hardcore bay dog not to many dogs like him in the country...hes got no stop at all. Hes basically walking scar tissue, hes been mauled and chewed up so many times, from head to tail. His father gus is the same way, Comet has been throwing some nice pups, and Johnies been breeding him alot so its not just a fluke, so I have high hopes...I am going to keep probably 3 for myself.
Ahhhhh now thats a cute picture!!!
It sounds like you should have some real good dogs there gato.
Thanks for posting that picture. :cool: :cool:
By the looks of the pic. it looks as if you've had them pups on a 3 dayer already...lol. Good luck with the pups.....I know you've been doing your homework on what to breed Penny to, so I am expecting to see alot out of these pups in the near future. I bet they turn out great.
Yup Catman I took that pic right after I just got them back from running a deer for 2 days straight....lol You would'nt have believed it...after there first gulp of colostrum and about 2 hrs old they all headed out on a hunt and managed to strike up a trash race right off the bat...LOL. 2 hrs old and running buckskin already...that gotta be some sorta record.....lol .....ohh wait a minute I just looked in the record book....Ikes dogs hold the record....at less then a hr old the "wolfpack puppies" ran a bear for 3 days solid....and the track was 3 days old also...LOL
Well you know if it did happen it would be a "Trophy Boar".......lmao. Hes the only guy I know that can look at a 150 pd bear track in the road and tell ya its a boar or sow....lol. He amazes me with all the stuff he comes up with....the other day I heard he rigged a bear 3 miles away before he cut the track coming across the road....lmao....sounds like there just babbling on the box without any control
Well ya got to admit that its pretty impressive to strike a bear from 3 miles away.......lmao. Ya know I think Ol Ike and Greeny might be related so we best be careful bout what were sayin. Anyway....thems good lookin pups...Would be neat if they kept them black heads. Hey Tobey, Good to see your still around..still fishin? Huntin seasons gotta be gettin close for ya
I never could figure out that striking for 3 miles stuff.Guy takes some beautiful pictures and must catch some game.I just cant figure out pups striking from a mile off on that old of tracks.I dont know,I wasnt there,but I would like to see it.If my dogs bark for 3 miles,even after a bear strike I didnt turn on for some reason,I would get rid of the whole bunch.Sounds like babbling to me.
Well here in utah baiting is illegal if your going to run with hounds. Baiting is only allowed if using archery tackle. There is however alot of baiting that goes on though because of our few #'s of bear. It gives people a better chance to have a for sure race some days. I honestly think Ikes dogs are either just plain babbling or rigging baits. I hunt with a guy that has a dog that will not rig a bear, but will strike a bait in a second. Anyway, Ikes always talking about seeing bear tracks and dog tracks in the road and his dogs striking the same place 3 days later. To me his dogs are just plain always babbling or somebody has a bait right where he happened to see the tracks. Just my opinion.....lol.....but you tell me what you think. Catman