2023 Sask WT adventures

Goofy lives! My first two cameras and baits showed no signs of him but the last camera right towards the end of the card here he was. Cruised through for a quick bite before continuing on looking for does. He had dissaperead for a week so I figured he had wandered and got shot by someone else since this deer loves to travel.
Pretty sure Mr wolf came through my deer bait yesterday. What I would have given to be sitting then!! I’m going to have to try and call him in. I know they make big loops which will make it tough but maybe I’ll get lucky. I’m assuming he’s the single wolf track I saw back on November 15
Some more pictures of goofy. A doe must have came into heat at this spot on the 24th cause there was a 3 day window where the bait was 20x more active then usual. Last picture is of goofy after season ended. Now let’s hope he makes the winter and I can find his sheds
I will be really excited to see goofy next year. Thankfully hes in your neck of the woods where he can live another year 🤣
I was trying to call coyotes up there today or maybe a wolf before I checked cameras, but no luck. Next time hopefully. Trying to help him make it to next year lol
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