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2023 Sask WT adventures

I concur that that’s a young buck. Look at his chin and belly. No turkey neck or beer gut yet. I don’t think I could pass him, but hope you do.
Day 3 saw a spike on the drive in, then a doe and buck locked down right near where I was parking. Quick sneak in to reveal he was a small 4x4 hardly as wide as his ears. Sat all day with no action until 230 when goofy the non typical came rolling through. 100 yards broadside from me worked a scrape got down wind of the bait then circled back around and crossed upwind of the bait into the thick cover to the south. That was all the deer action in the bait today. Possibly heard some wolves howling aways away at dark tonight but by the time I got the heater off they quit howling so I couldn’t tell for sure what it was. If it’s wolves hopefully they stay away or wander into my bait and I will introduce them to the 300 mag. Leaning towards a short close to town hunt tomorrow. Need a mental break from sitting all day in the deer blind and hardly seeing any deer. Supposed to be warm tomorrow and Sunday night a front is supposed to come in so I’ll get refocused for then. Weatherman says cool down starts Monday but Monday and Tuesday are supposed to be super windy before it drops off Wednesday.
Day 4 was a relaxing day. I needed a mental break from the all day sits and had some housework to catch up in as well as refill propane. It was 45 here today so good day to take a break. I did go for a little deer drive this morning and night just in case I could get lucky close to home. Saw a few moose and a few does only. Supposed to be about a high of 40 tomorrow with some sort of front rolling in Sunday overnight bring a lot of wind so hoping the deer move tomorrow ahead of the front. Guess we will see. Monday on it’s supposed to be colder and colder so that will help. I go back to work Thursday so time for one more good push between now and then to see if I can get lucky on my target buck
Well was driving to my parking spot right at first light. I like to get to the bait a little after light to let the see feeding there at first light bugger off so I can sneak in. Anyways just pulled up to my parking spot and looked over And I. saw a buck and either a really small buck or a doe 125 yards away in the field. Got the gun out and couldn’t tell if he was the buck I was after as he was even tighter in person then he looked on camera. He trotted over a ridge out of sight to a brushy fence line so I walked forward about ten yards and he was standing looking at me then I could recognize him as the buck I was after as his beams almost touched. He was about 125-150 standing broadside so I aimed offhand a shot I hate but I was rock solid. Boom whap he went nose into the dirt for about five steps and was done then the doe he was locked down with on the fence line busted out. He was locked in the same spot where a doe and a small 4x4 were at on Friday so not sure if he stole his doe or had a different one. Ironic I spent all these hours in the blind in the first few days and shot him within 20 yards of the truck this morning.
Wish I had loading pictures. Ratchet his head up as high as I could then attached another and did the same to the back legs. Then still had to pull with all I had to get him in the truck. Sure was huffing and puffing by the time I got him in

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