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2023 Sask WT adventures

I’ve somewhat been burnt out on WT hunting for several years, but I see these heavy chocolate horned bucks and I just get this urge to grab my snow camo and head north.
I am right there with you. We have deer everywhere and there just isn’t much joy in shooting one. Especially when they just stand in my yard most days.

But I love these threads and would go up there in a heartbeat.
Like others big whitetails are a total nemesis of mine. I’ve basically come to the conclusion I stink at whitetail hunting and kind of avoid it. Big bucks like that make me want to keep trying. Congrats

Things are slowly picking up here. Passed a few younger 8 and 10 points so far. Took my buddy out to try and get his first deer yesterday (below). It's the biggest live deer I've seen so far this year, hoping this cold front coming tomorrow changes things up a bit. The big 12 points I'm trying to get after finally showed up during daytime today but I wasn't hunting that spot because of a bad wind. Hoping he comes back again tonight.

Congrats and thank you for taking the time to share your hard work, all the pics, and your success. This is likely as close I’ll get to a Sask buck, so I very much enjoy your posts. Congrats again!
Well was driving to my parking spot right at first light. I like to get to the bait a little after light to let the see feeding there at first light bugger off so I can sneak in. Anyways just pulled up to my parking spot and looked over And I. saw a buck and either a really small buck or a doe 125 yards away in the field. Got the gun out and couldn’t tell if he was the buck I was after as he was even tighter in person then he looked on camera. He trotted over a ridge out of sight to a brushy fence line so I walked forward about ten yards and he was standing looking at me then I could recognize him as the buck I was after as his beams almost touched. He was about 125-150 standing broadside so I aimed offhand a shot I hate but I was rock solid. Boom whap he went nose into the dirt for about five steps and was done then the doe he was locked down with on the fence line busted out. He was locked in the same spot where a doe and a small 4x4 were at on Friday so not sure if he stole his doe or had a different one. Ironic I spent all these hours in the blind in the first few days and shot him within 20 yards of the truck this morning.
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Great buck! He is all rutted up.
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