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Jan 21, 2001
Idaho is considering adding to their list, more youth hunting oppurtunities. yah yah. but heres my experience with these hunts so far, Dad, uncle john and good buddy accompany junior and surprise,surprise, they just happen to be carrying their own rifles,after all someone has to finish of a wounded animal, right ? the rules say a rifle can be carried into the field by anyone , you know they might see a coyote or something. and junior ends up using his tag for "a deer" what do you think about carrying your rifle along on a youth hunt, where you do not have a tag??? and if you disagree how can the rules be changed to dis allow this practice??
Well here is my .02. My son 2 years ago drew a one day youth hunt on a private land area. It was his first deer hunt. I would not want to even be tempted to ruin his first hunt by harvesting the animal for him. He made a clean one shot kill at 225 yards. He was twelve at the time. I was never more proud or excited in my life. I think on youth only hunts the adult should not be allowed to carry a rifle. It's all about the kids. They are the future of our sport. Good topic.

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Michigan does hunts similar to what you are describing and I have even participated in one. Here's the rules strait off from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources site ( http://www.dnr.state.mi.us/ ):

Youth Firearm Deer Season
There is a youth firearm deer season on September 23-24, 2000 on private land in Michigan. Youths 14-16 years of age may take 1 deer during this special two day season. A deer license authorizing the youth to take a deer with a firearm (regular, combination), including antlerless license, or block or DMA permits, may be used if issued for the area/land upon which hunting. The youth must be accompanied by an adult at least 18 years of age or older. An adult accompanying a youth firearm deer hunter cannot possess or carry a firearm or bow and arrow and does not need a deer hunting license. Hunters may not use bait during this season.


It seems like if a season had laws similar to this one where only one gun is taken into the field it is an easy solution to the problem you mentioned. As far as parents shooting the deer with the kids gun, I just can't seem to see that happening much, but I'm sure there will always be an exception or two out there.


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I think the adults should not be able to cary a gun in the field.

California has some good junior hunts. The junior hunts are at good time of years and goodd areas. And some of them are even either sex hunts, wich is a rareity in CA.


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