Jeepin' with my son today


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Dec 5, 2018
My oldest son picked me up in his 1998 Cherokee this afternoon, and took me for a ride in the local hills. We ended up in SNOW, at around the 5,500 - 6,000' level, thousands of feet up above town. Was about 25 degrees cooler up there with a nice breeze. I'd hoped to get some elk photos, but all we saw were some mule deer bucks. I've hunted deer, elk and bear up here. Nice country.

His beast is very well built for our off-pavement conditions. Air powered Ox Lockers front and rear, 4.56 gearing, the good ol' 4.0 liter inline six. About 5" of very cushy, long-arm suspension, 33x12.50 Mickey Thompson tires & more. What a great rig! Yes, he also has a normal car:

He's just a petite little fellow, almost wasting away. :) Normally when he latches onto something, it moves. Dang. I have to admit, he's stronger than me now. And a real nice fellow. BTW, we were both packing modern guns today, 9mm's, with rather a lot of ammo in the Jeep. Didn't fire a shot, but were prepared to do so.

End of the road for us. These old snow drifts sometimes hang on until August, then it often starts snowing again up there in October...

Found some mule deer bucks:

Looked out across some vast distances:

He has a tradition of doing something for a few hours or a day with me on Father's Day weekend. We've had some memorable motorcycle trips, Jeep trips, etc... It's nice.

Regards, Guy