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Its officially shooting light on the middlefork


May 11, 2004
Little Rock, AR
and all the other wilderness areas of Idaho. I bet dozens of bulls are already down. Man I wish I was up there with my buddies chasing bugling bulls right now instead of sitting in an office typing on a computer! Sept 15th in Idaho should be a National holiday.
yep I agree--my buds are there now and i'm to be with them--but i'm not--doing the same as you--but going in oct--chris
good luck Gar man, I hope you do as well as you did last year, it will be hard to do better. If you guys get loaded down with meat and horns and hides like you did last fall, and can make it to Wamsutter Wyoming, I think you can find a good used refurbished trailer at the wyoming highway Dept for cheap!
That sounds like about where I picked up a trailer last year, right along the interstate. It had a chest freezer on the back filled full of trash and blood, the lug bolts on the right wheel were sheared off. As near as I can tell the rim must not have fit right, it got hot, the tire caught on fire, sheared off the bolts, shot off the shoulder out into the sagebrush, started a fire and burnt about 200 acres.
I am heading up to the mountains on Friday. WOOHOO. I only live 3 1/2 hrs from where I hunt. Been out scouting for bucks though.
good luck Sider. You have had a very good 2004 so far, and a monster bull is sure to be your next trophy! Keep us losers stuck in offices around the country posted on how it goes.
I am going up to the Selway Zone tomorrow, anyone heard about snow up high???? And if so, how much???

Heard that some roads were closed, but got conflicting information.
I'm looking out the window at the Selway Bitterroot and there is snow at about 7000 feet. NOt much though. However, it is supposed to increase over the next few day. I still wouldn't expect much, maybe 6 inches up REALLY high.

Good Luck!
I think we have a pass to go over about at 7,000 feet, but not worrying about it anymore! We also have a backup spot!

Thanks for the info! And the luck!
Elk Turd you must be hunting over Nez Pierce pass? I have hunted in there and next time I hunt up there it will be with horses. I was told by my friends Uncle who guides up there to cross the river and hunt on that side as most hunters wont cross the river to hunt. Good luck.
Arcat I know of at least 8 bulls and a couple cows already down. The biggest was a 360 bull out of the south hills. A couple 300+ bulls and a couple raghorns. 5x5 and some others. But a couple cows also.
I am hoping to get it together in the next 10 days. I wont be back till the 26th though as I will be leaving for 9 days. Cant wait to get away. I am jonesing to be out listening to them bulls screaming. Helps me sleep at night.LOL More like sleepless at night. I get to hear them from camp. I also have a bait site out about a 1/2 mile from camp so will be great to have my son or grandpa get one of them also.
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