It is official.................


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Dec 20, 2000
Jackson, Wyoming
yesterday afternoon at 4:00, Bullet became my new horse. The search was a lot longer than I had expected, but the wait was well worth it. Today and the next few days will be our bonding time. He is not out in the pasture with the others yet. He is in the barn with a few others where it is easy for me to go see him, tend to him and become his friend. I was out there today with him for about 4 1/2 hours and rode him in the arena. he got spoiled today with treats, grain and lots of brushing. He would not load into my trailer last week or this morning and now he goes right in, no problem. I will go spend some more time with him tomorrow.





You got it Moosie. If you can get my boss to let me have the extra time off that is. ;)

Thanks Hangar18. Let me know whaen you get over here again.
Maybe if you step back farther than that which you are used to, you may find newer better hunting grounds.... :D
You may even look at the maps and see what it looks like on the back side of those hills where you took me on my first day down there a couple years ago. There was good sign in that area and it looked as if one could get in on horse to the West in the begining of that drainage...
I am going to spend most of my time getting back farther than where Marting ans I were hunting. There is a lot of elk up in those hills and some very nice elk have come out of those hills in the past. Martin missed a dandy last year and I missed a chance at a dandy bull two weeks later.
I think that would be great...
Lets see how I do with fires this year, and next I will see if I can't put in for Wy. Elk Tags..
That would be one great adventure and I may just have to... :D :D :D Well.... :D :D :D