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Is there any kind of award for smallest deer taken?


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Dec 17, 2000
Littleton, CO, USA
On kind of a last minute whim, I went out to fill a doe tag over the weekend. Ended up shooting a yearling. Weighed in without guts, head, skin, and lower legs at a whopping 33 lbs! Looked more like a coyote than a deer! She oughta eat well, though!
Todd, I think you should get something.. I mean damn you could eat that deer up in week!! You need more money for some tags!
Hey, I got one of those one year! Two does standing together turned out to be two yearlings. We almost ate the whole thing the week we were in camp! It was some of the best deer I've ever had.

you ain't gonna beat me---no way--I don't care if you got one the size of Greeny's monster elk festus fetus--it won't win---that's because I got skunked-----yep didn't even fire a shot---but I did shoot a 175lb wild boar instead---ok so send the winnings to me----- congrats on the deer, no matter what the size--you made a good shot that's the bottom line----chris
I've got you beat, my first deer still had spots. I'd bet he (buck, he had nuts) weighed about 25 pounds. At 12 years old I threw him over my shoulder grabbed my bow and proudly marched into camp.

They eat very well.

Don't feel bad, heck opening day my son and I went out and I found one to shoot at. I was using my 1873 Springfield Trapdoor (with no optics) 45-70 with a 250-gr bullet on top. Got my shot at about 60 yds maybe 70 max.

Hit my intended target, which then got another 20 yds or so down the hill, guess he knowed which way I was headed anyways, made dragging him later a peice of cake.

Well when we recoved him, I see he is only a button buck, my first thought was... "Son where is your momma"

I would have much rather gotten the larger doe (to fill my B Tag with) that got away before he stepped into the opening, but we had a great time, got a deer with my old 1873 Springfield Trapdoor using a BP load.

Got him down to the barn, hung and skinned. When all was done got about 40 lbs. of meat off of him.

Congrats on your deer though :D
My last two does netted 30-35 lbs of meat and burger all together.. :D
Congrats on the deer...!! :D
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