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May 22, 2004
Southern Alberta
I'm new to the site and figured I'd give you alittle insite into what I'm about. 47 yr young father of 4, boy 18, girl 16 and twin boys 11.
Our main focus is whitetail [ general tag in our area] mule deer and speedy goats when we get drawn for tags. As soon as the kids reached the age of 6 they where taken on almost every hunt I've been on. There were days it was a mountian of chore to take 4 kids deer hunting, but the bottom line is I now have some pretty savy kids
and 4 pair of somewhat sharper eyes than mine scanning a lot more area than I could by myself.
We have become a one family wrecking machine when it comes to filling the deep freeze.Heres a few pics of the crew.Taken over the last couple of years.
Nothing beats having the kids out with you getting to experience the thrill of the hunt. Your kids do not know how lucky they are. This is the first year my oldest can hunt big game and I can't wait.

BTW I will be coming to your fair city in a couple of weeks for a meeting. Always enjoy my time north of the border.

Powder Burn, Welcome to our Site, I've been Wrapped up in the BEar section but Always Love seeing new People Post !!! Lemme be the First to ,,, Errr 2nd to welcome you ;)

Some of the Pictures didn't show ? But thatnx for posting them !!!!

Welcome aboard and thanx for the Intro !!!!
i love hunting with my son but he is filling up my wall's with elk but i'm proud of it. just hope he leaves me room for one of my own.
welcome there are some nice folks here i think you will like.
and they don't even check our spelling.
Very nice introduction powderburn and glad to have you here at Hunt Talk. Looking forward to reading some stories and seeing some pics, especially with the little ones involved. :cool:
Welcome to Hunttalk!!!
Hope to see more pics and some stories...Hope you like it here...
Powderburn.. Welcome to Hunttalk.. Those are great pictures.. I was just up in your neck of the woods in April.. Saw lots of great critters and some really beautiful country...

Where is Lethbridge in relationship to Edmonton?

darn55 Lethbridge is located about 60 miles north of the Canada/US border. Edmonton is a 6 hour drive north for us but we'd much sooner go the 2 hrs north to [for you hockey fans] Calgary.
We often hunt along the border north of the Sweet Grass Hills,Montana. We call the deer in this area dual citizen deer as they travel freely between your country and ours depending on which side has more hunting pressure. In the first picture I posted you can see the Sweet Grass Hills in the background. My mother winters in Lake Havasu AZ and one of these winters I'm going to make it down there. I've seen plenty of pictures of that country and would like to experience it first hand.
PB, If you get that close and don't give me a chance to buy you a soda pop, we will have a problem. I'm about two hours east of Lake Havasu, in Mesa.

Welcome to Hunttalk.. be sure you always keep your high boots handy.. it gets kind of deep around here sometimes..

Welcome powderburn!
I thought for a second that I was reading my own profile, age, kids, etc., except that I started the kids a little earlier and so mine are older. I'm even a grandpa now, twice! I know that you are on the right track by involving your kids. My kids love the outdoors and my son has basically turned into an outdoor freak! Always chasin something around the hills. And at our age, it's great to have a huntin' partner to do all the work! he he.. He is a great hunter, and my daughter drew a LE elk permit this year so she is pumped.. It gives the kids something to enjoy besides being a part of the "in" crowd and getting into trouble or drugs, or all that bad crap around nowdays.
Enjoy the site and look forward to hearing your tales!
Thanks guys. danr55 if I get in your neck of the woods I'll let you know, could always use a soda pop. antlerrick I've hunted with a lot of different guys over the years and when the kids appeared the invites to hunt started to drop off. They knew I involved my kids and didn't have the time for that. Now after years of honeing our skills it's funny to have some of these guys calling to see if they could join us, and with the number of days available in the field seeming to shrink every year their S.O.L.
The kids taught me to slow down and enjoy the hunt and it is pleasureable and memorable hunt every trip out. I can't remember where I read it but I read once that,"Know man stands taller than one who kneels to help a child." My family is my life and it's a bonus that we share the same hobbies and the out doors.

Welcome aboard Matey!!!

Have fun, don't beleive 90% of the crap posted here, especially mine! ;)

But, Hey! A good story is a good story!!!!
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